Genze Electric Sports e-bike e101, Affordable and Fun

Genze e101

Genze e101The perfect balance between affordability and very good quality, the Genze e101 Sports electric bicycle is designed with a purpose-built frame that integrates wires, as well as the battery pack, which is locked into place. The result is an e-bike that spreads the weight perfectly for great handling and balance.

Quick Specs & Info

Year, Manufacturer, Model: 2015, Genze, e101

Class: electric sports bicycle



MSRP as tested


The Genze e-bike e101 Is Affordable and Fun

The Genze e101 is the company’s first foray in an already busy electric bicycle industry. Let’s face it, the electric bike industry has seen stagnating prices at around $2,000 to 2,500 for a decent e- assist bike. And this is where Genze steps in to upset the market/ The company hopes to push the competition to react. And at that price, $1,499, the e101 could easily sell for $2,000.

The Genze e101, Best Bang For Your Buck

Genze e102With its Throttle on Demand, the five different levels of electric motor assist, e-assist, the Genze e101 gives you much riding flexibility. From a less e-assist to a more pronounced one, the e101 feels how much torque you are applying to the pedal and delivers and helps you go further. We found this to be very helpful at the end of a full day biking. At first we felt its rear-mounted geared hub delivering 250W wouldn’t be enough, but its electric Dapu motor delivers 26 Lb Ft of torque, and were the right balance between too much power and not enough. Strangely enough, it made us push even harder than on our regular Trek. The Genze e101 also comes with an 18 months warranty.

The Genze e101, Technically Speaking

The Genze e101 packs a 36 volt / 8.7 ah / 313.2 Wh Samsung lithium-ion battery. We tested the bike in pure electric mode 50 percent of the time it was lent to us and with e-assist the rest of the time. The charge time from completely depleted took 4 hrs. In electric mode only, the bike carried me 22 miles. I weigh about 175 Lbs. In e-assist mode I got up to 45 miles using the various levels of e-assist on an average.

Its torque sensing pedal assist helps you reach 20 mph. We noticed a drop to 17 mph as the battery slipped below 50%. The 7 speed 1×7 Shimano Tourney TX derailleur should be enough for most riders and its SIS index shifter sits well positioned on the right side of the steering bar. The e101 stops with Shimano BR-M375 160 mm rotor mechanical disc brakes and artek brake. The bike rides on Kenda, 26″ x 1.95″ tires.

The Genze e101, Looking Good

With its Anton built aluminum alloy frame that locks away the battery in the front part of the frame, the cables are also neatly tucked away and gives it a great look.


It was difficult finding true competition for the Genze e101, as well as its sibling, the e102. At that price, we were hard press finding the same quality.

Strong Points

  1. An integrated battery pack that locks in the front part of the frame. It gives the bike a great weight distribution.

  2. A large display panel that can be light at night and is easy to read.

  3. Independent button pad that is easy to reach when riding.

  4. A rather small 250W geared motor that can be either a strength or a weakness depending on how you view. Personally, we felt it offered a very smooth and quiet ride.

  5. 44/46 lbs.


  1. Low end Shimano gears, but easily upgradeable.


We had the Genze e-assist bike, the e101 for over two months and miss it to this day. The bike was easy to get a feel for, and it took us less than five minute feeling comfortable throwing it curves. The 5 assist selection from full to assist makes it a perfect everyday commuter and the removable battery means you can bring it in at work, or in a cafe to recharge. The Genze e101 is a terrific value and a solid platform for modifications.

Test Period Length and Limitations
We had the Genze e101 for three months in brand new condition.

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