How to Have Fun With Cars on Your Family Vacation

For many car enthusiasts, learning to appreciate cars starts in the family garage. You grow up around the cars mom and dad have loved, and the whole family unknowingly becomes a little car crazy.

If that sounds a little like your family, the world of car culture offers abundant opportunities to cut loose and explore everything from the latest hypercars to automotive history with the whole family in tow. You don’t have to leave your four-wheeled obsession at home — here are a few suggestions for great ways to spend some family time around cars.

Try out a New Car

We’re not recommending that you go joyriding at the local Porsche dealership, but there are lots of ways you can rent a fun car and even take it on a family trip.

Many rental companies offer premium lines with sports cars and convertibles, or you could check the new service Turo, which operates a little bit like Airbnb for cars. You’ll be amazed at what people have for rent. For extra fun, plan a route that takes you along some quality roads to enjoy your borrowed ride on.

Test Your Skills at the Kart Track

When you want to get a little more aggressive than public roads will allow, it’s time to take it to the track. You could spend a small fortune on one of the many “driving experiences” that have become available in recent years, but when the whole family is coming out, a visit to the go-kart track will be more fun for less money.

Karting lets you compete over several “heat” races and watch your times to see your improvement. Best of all, if you hit a wall or run into someone, a staffer flips your kart around, and you keep on driving. No phone calls to the insurance company today, thanks.

Go Car Spotting

Here’s a car-themed activity you can do on a trip just about anywhere. Get your camera out and keep track of the coolest — or the strangest — cars you come across. You can car spot from the backseat of the family SUV or while exploring the streets of a foreign country on foot.

Those with an extra screw loose will look for the best car-spotting in places like southern California or Monte Carlo, or you could just plan your trip for a venue that’s already hosting a gearhead gathering like the infamous Gumball rally.

Check out a Race

To see what race cars can really do, you’ve got to attend a competition. There are plenty of options out there, from top-tier NASCAR and Formula One events to more accessible races like the Outlaw races run on dirt ovals and the Cup challenge series.

With so many options to choose from, you can’t help but find something the family can enjoy. There are great ways to indulge your love of cars no matter what you want to spend or how far you want to go. Now all that’s left to do is make a plan and pack your bags!