Is a Motorcycle Still the Perfect Companion for a Car Owner?

Ted Rich 2013 Zero S Electric Motorcycle on eBay

For a long time, motorcycles have been treated as inferior vehicles in almost every way to a standard car. There are fewer seats, less space to put your belongings and they just don’t pack the same safety features as a standard car. However, there’s always the possibility of not replacing your current car, but giving it a companion.

Motorcycles make excellent side vehicles

One of the best things about motorcycles is that they’re smaller and more compact. As more and more people are attempting to cut down on emissions, they’re turning to secondary vehicles such as electric cars, bicycles or even walking. However, when you need to get somewhere fast, a motorcycle is usually a good balance between speed and low emissions.

Whether you’re going to the grocery store or just visiting a friend, a motorcycle makes the perfect companion vehicle. It’s lower cost than a car, it can carry a decent amount of cargo and it’s fast and easy to maneuver. As long as you ride safely, it can be a fantastic method of transportation.

In addition, you’ll also be helping out the motorcycle industry. As shown in the infographic below, the industry is currently going through a low period and more attention needs to be given to these fantastic vehicles that offer the best of two worlds.

Design by Solo Moto

Emily Muelford
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