5 Experiences Every Car Lover Needs To Try

Every car lover has a need for thrill, excitement, and speed. These are easy to experience when you are behind the wheel, but it is not the only time that you can get the same excitement that the open road can provide. If you or somebody that you know is an avid driver and car enthusiast, then there are a few experiences that are worth trying or giving to someone as a gift which they are sure to absolutely love. These experiences are sure to be fantastic fun and could quickly become another hobby that is enjoyed by any car lover.

  1. Drone Racing

Drone racing has exploded in popularity in recent times and it is easy to see why. It involves flying a drone around a futuristic looking race track while the operator wears a headset displaying the live feed or a camera attached to the drone. This gives a first-person view of what is happening for a fun, surreal and futuristic flying experience that any driving enthusiast will certainly enjoy.

  1. Escape Rooms

Another craze that has swept across the globe recently is escape rooms. While these do not simulate driving in any way, they still provide the same excitement and adrenaline that you get from driving as you work against the clock to solve a series of clues in order to escape a room. There are all kinds of cool and immersive settings to choose from at these venues, such as Birmingham Escape Rooms where there are runaway train games, mystery mansions and plenty of others to choose from.

  1. Racing School

If you are a bit of a speed demon, then a racing school experience is an absolute must and there are many different types to consider. This will teach you how to drive a racing car and you will then get the adrenaline-pumping experience of getting to race around a real track. This will be an unforgettable experience that anyone with a need for speed will relish.

  1. Monster Truck Driving Experience

There are few driving experiences more thrilling than climbing into a monster truck as you are sure to feel king of the world when you tear around in one of these monsters. It will feel strange getting back into a regular automobile after getting behind the wheel of one of these!

  1. Go Karting

Another popular choice for car lovers and anyone that enjoys racing is go-karting. This can be great fun with a group of friends and anyone that loves driving will enjoy the thrilling experience of racing while being so low to the ground which adds to the enjoyment and intensity.

If you or somebody that you know is a car lover that lives for the thrill of getting behind the wheel then these are excellent experiences to try. Each will provide a similar feeling of adrenaline and excitement which you will always certainly remember, and they are sure to produce many great stories to look back on over the years.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.