What are the pros and cons of Lexus cars?

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What are the pros and cons of Lexus cars?

My Answer: The pros are, in general:

  • Lexus vehicles are generally lower cost versus most of the other luxury makes. Especially the German and British brands.
  • Lexus vehicles have a lower depreciation loss compared to most luxury makes.
  • Lexus vehicles have comfort-oriented interiors with attention to passengers, something other makes often forget.
  • Lexus vehicles are reliable and generally cheap to own in comparison to their luxury competitors.
  • Lexus is the only luxury make with excellent hybrid options that often outclass their gasoline stablemates.

The cons are, in general:

  • Lexus vehicles have polarizing exterior designs, including the huge grille.
  • Lexus vehicles are not as exclusive as are many other luxury brands and Lexus does not enjoy the kind of upper-class acceptance that brands like Mercedes-Benz or Jaguar have.
  • Lexus cars are not sporty. Even when they’re designed to be and claim to be, they are generally below par in terms of performance and handling.
  • Lexus vehicles have terrible infotainment with the worst user interface on the market.
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