How to get the best deal when selling your car

One who wants to sell his car, often finds that it’s no easy thing. Firstly, people usually get attached to their vehicle emotionally. So, the decision of selling a car is a hard one by itself. And when one takes the plunge – he/she feels stuck in the process. Typically, people are not used to selling something, unless they are in a profession or business where selling is involved. People are buyers by basic nature – they do “buy” things; they do not “sell”. Hence, often they fail to secure a good deal for their possessions. Which is why here we will tell you how to get, not only a good deal but the “best deal” when selling your car.

Check with used car dealers: In Dubai, most of the used car dealers are available at Ras Al Khor market. Here you’ll have an advantage that you can directly talk with the dealers and showrooms who deal with used cars. They are your potential buyers. And as they are already experienced in dealing with used vehicles, they will be able to investigate your vehicle and give you the bare minimum price! They may not give you the best deal but the whole process will give you some idea of your car price. So, why I asked you to come here in the first place? Because here you’ll know the minimum price of your vehicle and you can be damn sure that the price cannot go lower than what they will quote to you. So, this should be your first step – to know the bare minimum cost of your car when you plan to sell car in Dubai.

Online or printed classified ad: This should be your second step. When you put an ad in a classified section of a popular site or a highly circulated newspaper to sell your used car, you’ll get plenty of interests. All those interests will be specifically targeted for the exact car model and condition you advertised. And among all those interests, there will be a good chance that you’ll get the best deal for your car. And as you know the bare minimum price of your car from the used car dealers, you can start quoting your price confidently. There are lots of classified options in Dubai you can choose from. Carswitch is one amongst the most reputed ones in the region. They specialize and focus only on buying and selling cars and have a full-fledged online classified section for used vehicles.

New Car Showroom: Most of the time, people sell their car because they want to replace their old car with a new model. If you have the same purpose behind selling your old car, you can head towards a new car showroom. Most of the showrooms will happily exchange your old car with the new model you want. They will take care of the necessary repairs of your used car if needed. Also, they will handle all the paperwork for your old car and the new car as well. However, a lot will depend on which showroom you choose. Many showrooms will quote you much less than your used car deserves. So, you need to select the showroom wisely.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.