How To Choose The Right Auto Body Shop

Accidents happen regardless of how cautious you are, especially when you are on the road driving your precious car. Good thing you had your car insured because the insurance company will cover the costs of damage repair. Since your car is valuable, don’t settle for just any auto body shop. All may promise to give a perfect job but there are just a few who are true to their words. On that note, consider some tips in choosing the right auto body shop.

1. There is no harm in researching for a good service provider. In fact, it can save you from a lot of problems. Remember, you should only do business with legitimate and certified shops. Their license information must be displayed publicly. Try to look at the repair history of the company. Simple questions like when did they start existing, what kind of repair do they do, what was the latest type of repair they did or if they can provide testimonials from their previous work. Do not be ashamed to ask for this will save your car from being ugly due to bad bodywork.

Any business can advertise, but word-of-mouth advertising is better. It is a wise decision to go with a shop that is highly recommended by friends, family or acquaintances. Their testimonials are proof of satisfied customers. You might be surprised that it is not the best-known shop in your area.

2. Do not settle for just one price quote. Shop around and compare prices. Taking your car to different auto body shops to ask for repair quotes is the best way to avoid overpriced charges. It is good to ask how long will it take to repair your car to avoid disappointment when you find out that your car will stay in the shop for a long time. It might help if you also inquire about the types of equipment they are going to use. Some shops use highly sophisticated machines that can repair your car perfectly within a shorter period of time.

3. Find a shop that is just near you. When the shop is near, it will be easy for you to follow up in person and monitor the progress of the repair without the hassle of spending more money on transportation. Most people rent vehicles for their service while their cars are still in the shop.

4. Learning about the shop’s technicians is also important. You will know if the auto body shop is good if their employees have been working in the industry for many years. They must show courtesy and professionalism when it comes to treating customers. If they do not show any concern about their customers’ issues, it is a sign that you need to go and look for another shop.

5. Look for the auto body repair shop that can give you a warranty. This is crucial since you have to make sure that the money you paid for the repair is worth it. So as you sit down for a consultation with various shops, ask them about the types of warranties they offer. Make sure to keep the paperwork for any auto body warranty that you buy, so that you are able to use it when needed.

6. Trust your gut feeling. If your gut feeling tells you that there is something wrong even after the research you have done, maybe it is really not the right auto body shop for you. Just follow your instincts and leave.

These are some of the tips that you can follow in choosing the right auto body shop. You may visit auto body shop Concord for inquiries regarding your car problems.


Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.