A Comfortable Seat is a Necessary Part of any Truck’s Maintenance

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Truck fleets are diligent in the maintenance of their vehicles, but what about their drivers? The driver is the most crucial component of any truck and nothing is more important to their comfort and health than the seat they drive in. More seat manufacturers are now incorporating customized features that improve the suspension, support, comfort and longevity of their seats at a wide range of price points.

The Importance of Comfortable Truck Seats

According to an article by Trucker.com, without a comfortable seat in good condition, “musculoskeletal disorders and soft tissue injuries can result… and resulting sprains, muscle pulls, and body aches will put a driver out of work.” Beyond that, driving on worn or substandard seats can take a toll on a driver’s long-term health and longevity.

Advancements in ergonomic technology have improved the features of modern truck seats, making them more comfortable, supportive and durable. As a result, the wear on a driver’s body is lessened and more hours are added to their driving career. ClearMotion General Manager Mario Flores says, “an active seat offers the best opportunity to integrate technology that improves driver health and productivity.”


Here are some of these advanced features as listed by Fleetowner.com:


  • Senses vehicle motion and reacts to stabilize
  • Isolates the driver in an optimal position
  • Cancels vibration from the road


  • Active inflating lumbar cushioning
  • Stimulates blood flow in lower back and legs
  • Fully customizable positioning


  • High-quality cushions
  • Stow-away armrests
  • Climate controlled seat and back


  • High-quality upholstery and leather
  • Durable frame and suspension construction

Think of a comfortable truck seat as an investment in a driver’s career. It may help them get more miles in, maintain their physical health and make driving more enjoyable.


You can easily find websites that provide comfortable truck seats in a variety of brands that all conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. Here is a list of manufacturers that offer high-quality seats different styles and at a range of price points:

  • Knoedler
  • Bostrom
  • National
  • Bose
  • Sierra

A seat is as crucial a part in the maintenance of a truck as any other mechanical component. Fleets should invest in their drivers as much as their trucks and the seat is the best place to start. Or if you’re a driver yourself, consider investing in your own seat to take care of your body and optimize your comfort on the road.

Will Hopstetter
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