Top 10 Performance Parts to Consider Upgrading on Your Car

The addition of performance parts is the ideal way to upgrade your car. Below, you will find the top 10 types of performance parts that you will want to consider so that you can take your car to the next level.


The performance exhaust that has large diameter piping can allow the carbon monoxide to flow from the vehicle faster. This allows the vehicle to take in O2 better, resulting in increased performance.

Cold Air Intake

Installing a high-performance cold air intake can help to increase horsepower. The colder air is denser and can provide more air per volume. When this air mixes with the fuel, it can create a better, faster, and more efficient vehicle, which could help increase the horsepower.


When you have other performance parts on the vehicle that will provide you with more power and speed, you will also want to have performance brakes. Racing style brakes are a popular option.

Fuel System

To ensure that the mods you are putting onto your vehicle are getting enough fuel, you might want to get a high-flow fuel pump.


While the intercooler, a heat exchanger, will not provide more horsepower, it will allow for aggressive tuning of the vehicle.


Headers can help to improve engine performance by providing each of the cylinders with a small exhaust pipe or their own, increasing air intake and reducing backpressure.


Performance cars with more power and speed need to ride smoothly and they need to be stable. An upgraded suspension could be just what you need.


Consider adding wider wheels and tires to the vehicle. This can improve braking, holding the road, and turning.

Performance Seats

Comfort is always important. You might want to add some custom performance seats to your vehicle.

Spark Plugs

While it might seem like a simple and affordable upgrade – and it is – consider your spark plugs. Get the best spark plugs possible for your vehicle for a boost in performance.

Many of the various types of performance parts can be added on your own and without the need for a professional mechanic. Of course, for more complex parts of the vehicle, you may want to hire a professional to take care of the installation for you. Always be sure you are buying high-quality performance parts from a seller that offers excellent prices and selection.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.