Saving money as a motorist. 5 ways it can be done

For most, a vehicle is a complete necessity. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to get to work and earn a living, get the kids to school on time, or do all those other errands that take us miles away from home. However, as essential as a vehicle is, the additional strain they place on our finances is clear. 

Car finance payments, insurance, fuel, repairs and maintenance costs – not forgetting additional expenses such as parking and having your car valeted. It’s easy to see why many motorists find themselves being pushed into financial difficulty due to their vehicle expenses. If you’re worried about debt and your current financial stability, check out this website for help and guidance as soon as possible. Creditfix can help you get your finances back on track and gain better control of your money. 

So, how can drivers keep costs down and put their finances first? Read on how you can save money as a motorist and discover 5 ways it can be done.

Make sure you have the right tyres

Better tyres mean better performance and better value for money. The cost of high-quality tyres is certainly daunting, however, they’re a worthy investment. Not only do they last longer, but you may not have to fuel up as often. When looking for high-quality tyres look for ones that are “A-rated”. These high-performance tyres have a lower rolling resistance which means they’re energy-efficient and could improve your fuel economy! 

Also, high-performance tyres mean just that. A higher performance. Which means a shorter stopping distance and better handling. This can give you added peace of mind when driving your family around. 

Be gentle when your car is cold

A cold engine means less fuel efficiency and if you drive off at speed whilst your car is cold then the amount of fuel you’re going to need will increase. Cars are much more efficient when they’re warm, so give your car a few moments to warm up before you set off. It’s kinder to the engine and your wallet. 

Turn off those heaters

Heated seats and steering wheels along with other gadgets are ideal on those cold, frosty mornings. But once you’ve adequately warmed up, don’t forget to turn them off again. Leaving them on for longer than required will increase your fuel consumption. And no one wants to get out of their nice warm car to fill up again! 

Make sure your tyres are fully inflated

When was the last time you checked the pressure in your tyres? If you’re driving around on tyres that aren’t fully inflated, then you’ll be using an excessive amount of fuel and the vehicle handling will be impacted. A simple check at the fuel station will tell you whether or not you need air in those tyres. Alternatively, you could purchase your own tyre inflator and have it at home.

And finally, take a defensive driving course

Many insurance providers offer discounts to drivers who pass a defensive driving course. Passing these courses demonstrates your dedication to road safety and avoiding a crash, making you a safer driver and giving you lower premiums. Speak with your insurance provider about the benefits of a defensive driving course. 

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.