How You Can Make The Most Of Your Carport: 4 Creative Ways

A carport is a great alternative to the traditional garage. It protects your car from harsh weather elements, yet it is more affordable. With a little bit of creativity, a carport can also give you more aesthetically compared to an old-fashioned garage.

In this article, I will share four creative ways to make your carport more stunning. But first, let’s look at the various types of carports that you could install.

Types of carports

Below are four of the most common carports:

1. Portable

Portable carports are not permanently built into the ground. They are hence a great option if you want the flexibility of moving around the carport at any moment.

You can construct your own portable carports through a simple DIY project. Most of the materials required are easily available, and the process is fairly simple.

Alternatively, you could purchase prefabricated portable carports. These usually feature a corrugated metal roof and aluminum or steel beams.

2. Attached

The attached carports are built with one section of the carport attached to one wall of your home. The carport is usually attached to a home at the roofline.

Besides giving your car a resting shed, attached carports also boost your property value.

3. Freestanding

Freestanding carports can be both portable or permanent. However, they are not attached to any wall, as is the case with attached carports. They stand on their own.

Freestanding carports are worth considering if you have a relatively big property.

4. Custom

Custom carports are customized to the owner’s specifications. They are ideal if you want a large carport which is typically hard to purchase or build.

You could also choose this option if your property has an irregular shape which would make it hard for standard carports to fit properly.

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Carport

Here are four creative techniques to help you utilize your carports more:

1. Cover Your Carport With Plants

Adding plants is one of the best ways to turn an ordinary carport into a great chilling spot. And there are no limits as to how wild you could stretch your creativity here.

For example, you can put potted plants and hanging baskets around the carport. You could also add some ornamental grass to make the carport look like an extension of your garden. 

Dwarf trees are also a great idea. They will contribute to the whole nature vibe without ruining the functionality of your carport.

Another interesting option is using vines. The plant can cover your entire carport! Although some people may find them a bit extreme, vines can produce a stunning aesthetic that’ll transform your entire outdoor space.

Vines will also add a green shed. That means you can move your lunch, board games, and other activities from indoors to your carport.

2. Convert It Into A Garage

Sometimes the convenience of a carport results in several drawbacks. For instance, you can’t leave your valuables in the carport for security reasons. Therefore, by converting your carport into a garage, you can draw more value from it. You’ll be able to create a living space out of it.

You may also want to transform your carport into a garage if you’ve upgraded into a more expensive vehicle. It’s the sensible thing to do when you want to protect your new ride.

Converting a carport into a garage is fairly easy with attached carports compared to other types of carports.

3. Build A Tiki Bar

Yes, you read that right; you can create a tiki bar theme in your carport! And it doesn’t have to be expensive either. Hang some string lights, introduce basic bar stools or a couch, and leave the floor as concrete.

You can also give your tiki bar some tropical vibes by hanging a few pot plants and introducing sand on the floor. But keep in mind that the sand may not be very ideal for certain weather conditions.

The bottom line is there is so much you can do with your tiki bar. The possibilities actually increase if you have a considerable budget. You can even go as far as installing a BBQ section and mounting a television to catch your favorite games from the carport.

4. Play Around With The Lighting

You can create various moods in your carport by playing around with different lighting solutions. For example, warmer lighting creates a chilled and even romantic vibe. This will motivate you to spend more of your time outdoors watching the night sky or having dinner with your significant other.

A carport doesn’t have to be a dull spot reserved for your car alone. There’s so much you can do with the space. And the best part is most of the ideas discussed above will actually help you raise the value of your property as well.

Robert Cooke
Rob is a certified mechanic and long-time automotive enthusiast who has worked on everyday passenger vehicles, race and rally cars, and derby cars.