The Main Reasons Why You Should Drive More Carefully Around Trucks

Everyone can do a few things to help stay safe around trucks. Here are the main reasons why you should drive more carefully around trucks.
Fifth wheel RV overturned on highway with wench truck trying to get it off the road and two semis parked nearby and traffic cones keeping traffic away

Whenever you’re on the road, it’s essential to drive safely and carefully, especially around large trucks. Some people think that truck drivers are professionals trained to drive safely. However, everyone can do a few things to help stay safe around trucks. Here are the main reasons why you should drive more carefully around trucks.

Blind Spots are a Huge Problem for Truckers

Many people don’t realize that a truck’s huge size also means plenty of space around the truck where things can be hidden. Truckers, however, become accustomed to this and adjust for this by moving forward slightly when they’re about to change lanes. Unfortunately, most car drivers fail to do this and end up getting hit because they couldn’t see what was coming due to one of the many blind spots around trucks. When involved in a truck accident, it is vital to seek legal help. With Foyle legal truck accident lawyers Perth by your side, you will ensure your rights are protected. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate the often confusing process of seeking compensation after an accident and ensure you receive the maximum amount possible for your injuries. 

Trucks need More Time and Space to Slow Down or Stop

Due to their enormous size, trucks take more time and distance than cars to stop or even slow down. This is especially true if you happen to be behind a truck on a hill or in any other situation where there isn’t much traction. If you can’t see a truck driver in his side mirror, it’s perfectly normal for the driver not to realize that you’re following them too closely or when they need more space because there’s another vehicle in front of them.

Trucks Need More Space to Turn and Maneuver

Every time a truck needs to turn, it will take longer than usual due to its size and weight. It also requires the trucker to carefully maneuver the trailer around corners, which means that cars should give more room when passing through an intersection or turning into a driveway or alleyway next to where the truck is driving. 

Drivers always need to be aware of their surrounding traffic, especially if they’re trying to make a left-hand turn. If you notice a truck in the area, it’s best not to follow too closely because the driver might suddenly switch lanes. It’s also easier for trucks to get stuck in different areas like narrow roads and tight spots like parking lots and driveways.

Trucks Can be Difficult for Other Drivers on the Road to See

While many people complain about trucks being difficult for them to see, it can also be challenging for other drivers on the road when they’re sharing the same roads with trucks. The biggest reason is how high up inside a truck cab is, making it easier for them to see over cars while driving. On many occasions, you’ll find that truckers end up switching lanes and hitting other vehicles simply because they didn’t realize that there was another vehicle in their blind spot until it was too late.

Truck Accident Statistics are Alarming

According to truck accident statistics, there are about 4,000 fatalities on the roads because of large trucks every year. The truck’s weight adds more danger because if an impact is too strong for one car, it can be beyond devastating for the other involved party.

You can’t always avoid being around trucks on the road, but that doesn’t mean you have to put yourself in harm’s way. By simply being more careful and aware of your surroundings, you’re doing what you can to increase your safety on the road. Keep these statistics in mind when you’re driving around trucks.

Trucks Tend to Carry Heavy or Hazardous Cargo

Although there are all kinds of trucks and trailers on the road these days, many of them tend to carry heavy and fragile cargo that may break or even fall off while they’re driving, when you consider that most truck drivers purpose-built cabs with roofs that aren’t very high, even something as simple as a heavy rainstorm could end up causing an accident if it causes items to slip out from underneath tarps in the back of a truck. That is why you need to be careful around large trucks whether you want to pass or if one needs to pass through an intersection or along a road where you happen to be driving as well.

Trucks need more time and distance to stop, take longer to turn and maneuver and suck up a lot of space when driving around. That’s why you should be extra careful when it comes to passing trucks or sharing the road with them, no matter how large your vehicle is.


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