Listen Up!: This Is How to Choose the Best New Car Speakers

With a new car speaker system, you can look forward to driving more than reaching your destination.

Buying new car speakers is one of the most acceptable ways to sweeten your everyday commute. With a new car speaker system, you can look forward to driving more than reaching your destination. Many brands offer great sound systems, and they usually come with many features. 

Boosting your car speakers over the manufacturer may cost you more dollars. On the other hand, factory-installed sound systems don’t always come with premium car speakers. However, aftermarket sound systems are much more cost-effective and have better sound quality.

So, if you want a car audio system with more bass and clarity, read on to learn how to pick the best for your ride. 

Consider Your Budget 

The cheapest car speakers are never too bad, but the most pricey ones aren’t always that great either. So when it comes to picking the best speakers, you have to know your usage. Knowing what you like and how you’ll use the car speakers is a great way to set the proper budget. 

Try to avoid spending on features you may not enjoy or pay less on the upgrades you don’t need. Getting an entry-level coaxial will be the best option if you plan to replace a broken speaker. If you want beyond basic, consider the extra cost for custom mounting the speakers and things needed for a high-powered system. 

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Consider the Speaker Size 

Car audio speakers are not one-size-fits-all. For example, some top car speakers offer a small 13mm tweeter to a vast 21″ subwoofer. So to begin, you have to determine what size of speaker suits your application. 

If you need a factory upgrade, there are many websites that offer customer speaker sizes for your car. Nonetheless, the best way to determine what size you need will be to measure the speaker itself. Knowing the speaker measurements will make it easier to find the right size that fits your vehicle

Consider the Type of Speakers

There are only two main types of speakers: coaxial and component speakers.

Coaxial speakers are two-way speaker systems built together into one speaker assembly. This type is a very popular type as it has a lower cost and is common to find in stores. They have easy sound upgrades and a wide range of designs, performance, and upgrades. 

On the other hand, component speakers have a more advanced system, providing better sound quality compared to coaxial speakers. This type has better sound accuracy and frequency response with a higher-performance design. The only issue with component speakers is the price, so it all comes down to your budget when choosing between types of speakers. 

Consider Power Handling

If you want the best quality from your speakers, then you need ones that can handle the power that your head unit makes. This is why other people buy an external amp before getting speakers.

So consider choosing speakers that have power handling capacities. You can even pick a head unit that will match and fit well to equip you with a high-quality new car audio system.

It’s Time For Some New Car Speakers!

New car speakers are the core of your car audio sound system. If you follow the tips above in buying speakers, you will have the best sound experience with your car. Eventually, it all depends on your taste, requirements, and budget.

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