9 Handy Gadgets You Should Install In Your Car

Here are some cool gadgets you can install to help your drive or improve your vehicle.

1:    Color-Changing Smart Lights

You can get these strip lights with an adhesive backing that allows for a straightforward installation. You can choose to use lights operated using an app on your smartphone or those operated with a remote. The smart features can allow you to sync the lights to your music or mood, and they will flicker, changing colors. The best bit is that the smart lights are waterproof and can be nestled in various crevices in your car’s interior.

2:    Metal Car Charger With 2 USB Ports

Your car is a power generator that can charge different devices. Keeping a powerful portable bank charged up is a must for travelling. A Magfast Extreme can even jump start vehicles. You can keep a sleek USB port charger to ensure you recharge your phone or tablet. The metal car chargers with two USB ports are an excellent choice because they are scratch-resistant and have a robust build. Pick the brand or variety that offers product guarantees like protection against overcharging and high-temperature overloads.

3:    LED Lights Kit For The Tires

How about strapping some LED lights on your tires to ensure your vehicle stands out from the rest? The LED bulbs emit a bright illumination that you can set to glow in different color combinations like white, blue, red, yellow, and green. The kit is easy to install by screwing it into the tire valves. The lights are motion triggers, meaning they glow whenever the wheels rotate.

4:    Your Cupholder LED Discs

Consider these fun LED light pucks if you want to add some flare inside your car. You can fit them into the cup holder to illuminate your drinks. You do not need to use special adhesives or tools to install the LED discs, and they are fitted with 7 LED colors and have 17 lighting modes to choose from, running on rechargeable batteries. So, you can use the metal USB charger to recharge the LED pucks. You can buy these LED light discs labeled with different vehicle brands like Audi, Ford, Dodge, Buick, or even your favorite NFL or NBA team.

5:    Reverse Camera To Help You Parallel Park

Parallel parking can be challenging for some drivers, but this issue can be a thing of the past if you install this backup camera onto the rearview mirror. It is set to turn on whenever you start your car and will shut down once you switch off the ignition. The camera can record videos from the front and rear of your vehicle and store them thanks to its 128GB memory capacity.

6:    A Laser To Guide You When Pulling Into Your Garage

Have you ever dented your garage wall when pulling in too far or had a tough time doing this because you fear the same outcome? How about installing this parking laser into the ceiling and then programming it to guide and alert you when your car fits into the ideal parking spot when pulling into your garage. The laser will ensure you crawl in the vehicle until it lines up with it, keeping you from crashing into your garage wall. You can get it with all the necessary hardware for mounting the laser device and set it to turn on whenever you enter the garage. 

7:    Nifty Speedometer Mount

Safety on the roads is essential, and it is possible to maintain this when you monitor your speed. Therefore, you should consider installing a speedometer display that shows you more than just your driving speed. The speedo can also show time, altitude, direction, mileage, and other information. It has an LCD screen with easy-to-read characters. The screen is angled at 30 degrees to prevent glare from disrupting your driving vision. The beauty of this dashboard-mounted speedometer is its location, which ensures you do not have to look down between the steering wheel to know how fast you are going.

8:    An Extra-Wide Dash Cam 

You can monitor up to five traffic lanes when driving using a wide-view dash camera with a built-in GPA and night vision. Hence, you will have crisp vision during the day or night, allowing you to see essential details like license plates. You can operate the dash-cams using its free downloadable app to link the camera feed to your smartphone or even share the videos and photos on social media. And you can swivel the camera to capture the activity inside and outside your vehicle.

9:    This Dash-Mounted Proximity Alarm

If you love road trips in the wild to explore and reconnect with nature but dread the risk of damage to your vehicle by animals like deer, then consider installing a dash-mounted alarm that will deter the creatures from approaching. The device emits a sonic noise with a 25-mile warning range. You can set the device to switch on when you turn on the ignition or high beams. The installation is relatively straightforward if you have some technical skills, but you can also ask a mechanic to install the device.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.