What do I do after an accident?

Read on to learn more about what you should do after an accident.
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Being in an accident is not something you ever plan for, but knowing how to react when you are involved in one, may help deal with the aftermath of an accident in the best way possible. The personal injury lawyers at RKB Law, LLC want to remind you that you have certain rights after being in an accident, and the actions you take at that time may safeguard them. This will allow you to fight to get the compensation you deserve to cover the medical expenses related to your injuries and the money you have lost by not being able to work while recovering your health. Read on to learn more about what you should do after an accident.

Think About Safety First

If your car and your passengers are still in the middle of the road, move the vehicle out of oncoming traffic to avoid being hit again. Turn on the car’s hazard lights or place cones around the area if you have them.

Request Help

If you or others are injured and require an ambulance, call 911 and request help. The police will come to the scene and file an accident report. Obtain a copy to give to your attorney should you decide to file a claim and to your insurance company. Avoid speculating with the police on why the accident happened. They can reach their own conclusions, and you never want to incriminate yourself with your comments.

Collect Information

Gather information from the other driver. Make a note of the vehicle’s description, including license plate, year, make, and model. Get their insurance and driver’s license information as well as their contact details. Do not engage in conversation with them since anything you say may, later on, be used against you. Be courteous and keep your answers short and to the point.

Document the Scene

This will be your best opportunity to document what happened. Take out your cell phone and take pictures of yourself and your injuries, the cars and the damage they sustained as well as their position on the road, and anything that might have played a role in the accident. This could be water or oil on the road, debris, tree branches, or others. Write down the location, time, and date of the accident and anything else you may not wish to forget.

Get a Medical Checkup

If your injuries allow you to stay at the scene, get a medical checkup as soon as possible thereafter. Some injuries may be obvious and require immediate attention, while others may need a healthcare provider to be discovered. You do not want to find out when it is too late that you had internal injuries or bleeding. Also, your health should always be your primary concern.

Let Your Insurance Company Know About the Accident

It is important to let your insurance know what happened. They will want a copy of the police report as well as of your medical record regarding your injuries. Avoid giving them a statement until you talk to a personal injury attorney who will help you fight for a fair payout. Don’t feel pressured by the insurance company to accept a low offer for your injuries and losses, much less when you may still be facing further medical expenses in the future.

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