Rodin Cars FZERO prototype lights up the track for its first circuit outing

The FZERO rolling onto the brand’s own test track represents a huge milestone not only for the FZERO project but also for Rodin Cars as a whole.

The stunningly tranquil South Island of New Zealand recently reverberated to the evocative motorsport engine note of the Rodin Cars FZERO hypercar. The concept of the FZERO was first revealed to the world last year, and now the New Zealand-designed-and-manufactured hypercar has entered the test and development phase.

  • FZERO track debut, prototype build now in track testing stage
  • Rodin Cars-designed 4.0-litre V10 RC.TEN engine testing continues
  • Rodin Cars displaying the RC.TEN at the Performance Racing Industry Show in conjunction with LINK Engine Management, in Indianapolis December 2023. Crate engine purchase option

The FZERO rolling onto the brand’s own test track represents a huge milestone not only for the FZERO project but also for Rodin Cars as a whole. Having successfully developed the FZED open-wheel, single-seat track car, Rodin Cars’ next project, the FZERO, is magnitudes more ambitious.

The FZERO project has been designed and developed from Rodin Cars’ state-of-the-art facility near Mount Lyford on New Zealand’s incredibly beautiful South Island. The facility includes three purpose-built test circuits and a high-tech production facility. The driving force behind Rodin Cars, and the designer of the FZERO and its bespoke twin-turbocharged V10, is David Dicker; technology billionaire and keen racer.

Mr Dicker personally took to the wheel of the FZERO for its first outing and was very impressed with the car’s performance and durability;  “While there’s a long road ahead of testing and development, running the FZERO for the first time gives me immense pride in what everyone at Rodin Cars has achieved in bringing this programme to life. The test went very well and we were able to work through our programme. We’re excited as the FZERO project enters its next phase. It really is a car like no other.”

After several installation laps, the FZERO returned to the Rodin Cars’ pit complex for a debrief and systems check, before the hypercar took to the circuit again to run throughout the remainder of the day, recording the first of many important development kilometres.

Many of the staff at Rodin Cars lined the circuit during their lunch break to catch a glimpse of the FZERO in action. Of the experience, Emma Duncan, Rodin Cars General Manager said, “Seeing the FZERO effortlessly take to the track was an inspirational moment. The car represents engineering excellence and is truly a masterpiece. This is a pivotal development for the future of Rodin Cars.”

The closed-cockpit FZERO hypercar promises outrageous levels of performance and dynamism, and will challenge established track-only hypercars from Aston Martin, Gordon Murray Automotive and Mercedes-AMG. The primary focus of the FZERO is to deliver a driving experience like no other, tapping into the raw emotion of speed and visceral performance.

The FZERO is powered by a twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V10 engine designed by Rodin Cars’ founder and CEO, David Dicker. This engine – known as the RC.TEN – develops 1013bhp (755kW) at 9500rpm, while only using 11psi of boost. A naturally aspirated iteration of the RC.TEN is presently in development. The RC.TEN will power the FZERO to a top speed of 360km/h.

After two prototype engines were built in the UK by Neil Brown Engineering, the RC.TEN development and manufacture has moved in-house at Rodin Cars. In a further exciting development, Rodin Cars intends to offer the RC.TEN as a crate motor for motorsport applications.

In conjunction with LINK Engine Management, the Rodin Cars RC.TEN will be displayed at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis, December 7-9.

Full specifications of the Rodin Cars FZERO and RC.TEN engine are available at

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