Nissan releases video of Nissan Research Center in Silicon Valley [VIDEO]

nissan research center silicon valley

Nissan released this video of it’s new Nissan Research Center located in Sunnyval, CA.  This is the heart of tech innovation, Silicon Valley.

The new facility is part of Nissan’s global plan to expand research and development outside of Japan in key and local markets.  The team at the Nissan Research Center will work on building autonomous cars and ways to connect cars to the internet.

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“This is where everything is happening.  This is where all the intelligence lies, so this is where Nissan needs to be,” said Nissan Americas Senior Vice President of Research and Development Carla Bailo.  “Maybe we will have a Jetsons era.  We will see,”

Bailo might not be too far off as Nissan is not the only automaker working on developing similar technology.  Some of the smartest and most innovative companies and people are in Silicon Valley.  The Jetson era might not be too far off from now.




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