Drayson Racing Technologies Partners with Michelin for the World Electric Land Speed Record

Drayson Racing Technologies will ride Michelin

Who does Drayson Racing Technologies trust to help it break its electric car world speed record? Why Michelin, of course.

Last week we wrote about how Drayson Racing Technologies was planning to break the World Electric Land Speed Record here. Yesterday, Drayson Racing Technologies announced a strategic partnership with Michelin to help it break the world electric speed record. Why is this important?

Michelin, The Uber Tire Maker. I met a Michelin engineer a few years ago who told me there was a reason why Michelin had so many engineers. He told me the company had more engineers working on tire development than any other tire maker. While I originally  thought he was defending his company and the relatively higher price we pay to ride on those tires, their track record speak for themselves. It wasn’t until last year when I started writing for Michelin’s Challenge bibendum that the tire maker’s uniqueness became obvious. Michelin makes incredibly good tires and that is one of the reasons why we pay for this quality.

Michelin & Racing. Michelin also has a long racing tradition dating back to the early French races at Le Mans. Michelin will also provide the control tires to the FIA Formula E Championship, which influence the development of key Drayson Racing Technologies components for the 2014 season. Bringing Michelin with this new electric car racing pioneer, Drayson Racing Technologies only makes more sense. By becoming the Official Tyre Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies, the Drayson B12 69/EV will run exclusively on Michelin rubber in the build up to the inaugural 2014/15 FIA Formula E season. At the same time, it will challenge for the FIA World Electric Land Speed Record.

Drayson B12/69 Hyper EV test at Rockingham race circuit from Drayson Racing on Vimeo.

Lord Drayson, founder and Managing Partner of Drayson Racing Technologies had to say the following on the strategic partnership: “Michelin has a strong pedigree in motorsport innovation and we at Drayson Racing Technologies are sustainable motorsport pioneers, so the partnership was a natural fit. I’ll be driving the B12 69/EV during the World Electric Land Speed Record attempt and it gives me great confidence to know that the best team in the world right now have provided the tyres, which will play such a crucial part.”

As far as Michelin, Jianni Geras, Michelin UK Head of Marketing added: “Michelin has a rich history of breaking records, with many of the world’s super cars achieving great things equipped with our tyres.  The World Electric Land Speed Record will be a fantastic addition to this list, further proving our credentials as partners to the most innovative and pioneering automotive manufacturers in the world.  This project is also set to contribute to the development of our control tyres for the hugely exciting FIA Formula E Championship that commences next year.”

It’s good news to see a veteran tire maker stepping into the new era of electricdrive. After all, electric cars offer far greater torque than a gasoline engine from standstill. Those tire companies have much research and testing to be done in order to satisfy racing electric vehicle, EV’s different traction demands. We look forward to see whether or not Drayson Racing Technologies riding on Michelin tires will break the World Electric Land Speed Record.

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Nicolas Zart
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