Elio Motors releases “Join the Revolution” [VIDEO]

elio motors

Elio Motors, a startup car company,  just relesaed a new video via their Youtube channel entitled “Join the Revolution.”  The video runs about 5 minutes and showcases this 3-wheeled car two-seater car that will only cost $6,800.  Even though the guy in the video is a bit annoying I still like the concept of the Elio so I am posting the video anyway.

The cool thing about Elio Motors and the Elio is that it won’t just be cheap but you will able to fix it yourself easily.  The components and parts used will be mostly taken from automotive parts already available on the market.  That means no having to special order or wait for parts direct from Elio Motors so you can get back on the road easily.  This is also why the car is so inexpensive since they are not starting from scratch engineering wise.

The Elio also aims to be extremely fuel efficient since the engine is a small 1-liter 70-horsepower engine with 3-cylinders which gives it an EPA estimated 49 mpg in the city and 84 mpg on the highway.  The top speed though is 100 mph and you can order it with 5-speed manual or an automatic but the CarNewsCafe crew would opt for the stick shift.  You can checkout Aaron Turpen’s great Elio video review.

Elio Motors is hoping that it can get a 5-star crash test rating with the Elio so it will appeal to a wide range of buyers.  The mileage figures and crash test ratings have yet to be seen though.  As with a lot of great car ideas they never make it into production but we seriously hope the Elio does.  What are your thoughts about the Elio?  Would you buy one?

elio motors

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