Russian Ice Skaters gracefully Dance with Mitsubishi Outlanders [VIDEO]

Russian Ice Skaters gracefully Dance with Mitsubishi Outlanders [VIDEO]

russian ice skaters

Checkout this video of Russian Ice Skaters and a pair of Mitsubishi Outlanders gracefully dancing on Ice.  The beginning of the video shows the ice skaters doing a routine while the Outlanders mimic the the fluid moves.  While the Ice Skaters and SUV’s don’t dance together at the beginning of the video, they do at the end which makes for an interesting and very impressive ice dancing routine.

Not sure if this is a commercial for the Mitsubishi Outlander in Russia or if it is just for fun.  Still, I thought it was a really cool video but found the music a bit corny.  I wonder if the drivers had any accidents that were edited out? :)

Checkout our review of the 2014 Mitsubishi Outlander as we compare it against the 2014 Subaru Forester.  I think after watching this video though I’d rather have have a Mitsubishi Outlander that I can drive around on ice.

If you liked the video or have thoughts about it, let us know below.

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