Infiniti launches awesome interactive experience, DejaView

Nissan’s premium brand, Infiniti, has launched a new, interactive experience unlike any you’ve seen before from any other automaker. The experience, titled DejaView, features the Infiniti Q50 Hybrid with cameos from several of the carmaker’s other vehicles, of course.

It’s a mystery short film shot in the vein of X Files or CSI, with the two protagonists arriving at a location in the middle of nowhere in a Q50 Hybrid and then trying to remember how they got there and what is going on. Throughout the experience, they call the viewer’s cell phone and talk with them, responding to cues given.


The film is creatively done with answers from the viewer integrating into the plot, more or less, but always keeping interest levels up as the experience unfolds. While interaction happens in the first two segments of the series, it’s in the third that the calls to the viewer actually seem to have an impact.

Very entertaining and engaging, this DejaView experience from Infiniti may be a glimpse at what commercials of the future may be like. Be ready for a cool experience when you visit

Aaron Turpen
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