La Mirada High School teams up with Electric Auto Shop [Video]

La Mirada HS Electric Auto Shop
La Mirada HS Electric Auto Shop

We love when electric vehicles (EV) and education go hand in hand.  We couldn’t miss the opportunity to film the La Mirada High School in California receiving an electric vehicle from the Electric Auto Shop for its own auto shop class.

When Michael Mack approached us about his shop delivering an EV for the La Mirada High School, we thought it was the best thing that could happen to education.  What is there not to like about a company giving a $25,000 electric vehicle to a high school so that its students can learn to build it and take it down for the next wave the following year?

When Education Meets Electric Cars

Normal Williamson worked very hard to get the funds for this project.  As an accomplished language teacher, she doubles up as a grant writer and managed to find a lot of money over the past decade.  She tells us in this video how she did it and why.

Michael Mack, Founder of the Electric Auto Shop delivered the chassis lab to the high school in order for students to learn how to assemble and disassemble it.  The chassis rest on three wheels and the cabling and electronics are neatly coded so that students can learn the basic of soldering, hooking batteries and building an EV.

Judging from the enthusiasm of the students around, we are happy to report that this younger generation sees the future in green vehicles.  We are excited to see high schools across the US finding money to teach students how to have access to future green jobs.  If they economy is in shambles, one sector that continues to enjoy growth is the green sector.  The cool factor is in when it comes to electric cars.  We wish La Mirada High School students and Electric Auto Shop much success in the near future, with more similar projects.

Nicolas Zart
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