Dog honks Carhorn telling Owner “Come Back & Let me Out!” [VIDEO]

dog honking carhorn

dog honking carhorn

If you are someone who doesn’t think dogs are smart than you haven’t seen this Boxer from Great Britain.  A video on Facebook has gone viral of Fern, the Boxer in question, honking the car horn in the driver’s seat of her owner’s parked car.

Graham Haddow, Fern’s owner, was just up the street in Broughty Ferry, Scotland when he heard a continuous car horn going off, “I started running because I thought something was wrong.  It was only when I was a few yards from the car I realized everyone was laughing, and taking photos, and everything was ok.  There was Fern with a paw on the horn.”

Check out the video posted on Facebook by Cameron Wighton who lived in the Broughty Ferry neighborhood.

“Boxers tend to be quite mischievous and real characters.” added Harrow.  Probably Fern just didn’t want to be left in the car, judging from her face.  At least the car horn did what it was supposed to do, get people to notice Fern in the car.

[Source – Courier]

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