Exclusive Photos: Baltimore Sinkhole

baltimore sinkhole

Some of you might have heard in the national news about the giant Baltimore Sinkhole that swallowed several cars and fell onto a train-track in downtown Baltimore.  Well CarNewsCafe co-founder and senior editor Adam Yamada-Hanff was on the scene firsthand to see the situation with the Baltimore Sinkhole that was causing such a ruckus.  Checkout the exclusive photos of the sinkhole below.

baltimore sinkhole baltimore sinkhole

The Baltimore Sinkhole was reported to be about 75 feet deep.  While I didn’t have a measuring tape that seemed to be an overestimation.  From what I could see it was probably about 30 feet maybe 40 feet at the most.  Still all the local new trucks were there shooting videos and taking pictures as well as a few national outlets like Fox News.

The Baltimore Sinkhole was due to the two days of torrential rain much of the country got over the last few days which has caused havoc in many parts of the US.  We hope all our readers made out ok.

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