Man uses pickup truck to stop dangerous car thief

A man in Utah likely saved lives after using his pickup truck to smash the fleeing car of a car thief who’d recklessly driven through a park full of children.

It all started when a fourteen year old boy took his grandfather’s car, which appears to be a Hyundai Veloster, for a joy ride. The grandfather called police to report the car stolen. A tipster listening to the police band heard the description and spotted the car, calling police, who then gave chase.


The boy, seeing he was being pursued, turned and tore through a park full of children in an apparent attempt to elude police. Bryson Rowley, whose children were playing in the park, saw the car narrowly miss several people before returning to the street. When it became apparent that the teenager was going to turn the car back into the park again, Rowley used his pickup truck to ram the car and disable it, likely saving lives.

Officer Erin Behm with the Syracuse, Utah Police Department said that video from onlookers shows the heroic act as Rowley pulled his truck in front of the car, causing the two vehicles to collide. The little car is obviously much the worse for wear.

Photo and story via Fox 13 News.

Aaron Turpen
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