5 Awesome Tips For Novice Drivers

Do you consider yourself to be a novice, driver? If you have only been driving a short time, then you probably should for your safety. This guide is going to look at some tips for novices – whether they are thinking about learning to drive, or have only recently passed their test. There’s plenty to see, so let’s get started right away.

Learning to drive

First of all, you should find the very best instructor you can find. Ask family, friends and colleagues for their recommendations. Don’t plump for the cheapest option you find, as it will probably cost you more to develop your skills over time. Also, take longer lessons. One hour sessions aren’t going to teach you much, and two hours is a much better time frame for developing your skills as a driver.

When you pass your test

Once you start driving on your own, it’s a vastly different experience than having an instructor or adult next to you. There may be times when you freak out a little, or your inexperience gets you into a tricky spot. You have to bear in mind that other drivers won’t know you have just passed your test. So, to give them a warning, think about getting a new driver sticker to give them some warning. Although they aren’t quite as useful as learner plates, they might make the car behind you back off a little.

Buying a car

Don’t spend too much on your first car – there’s an excellent chance that you will break it. Instead, start looking for reliable used cars that function well but don’t cost the earth. Find a reputable dealer in your area – again, you can ask friends and work colleagues. Bring someone knowledgeable with you when you buy. You have to remember that the more powerful your engine, the more your insurance will cost. It might be necessary to bite the bullet and go for a duller car than you had hoped for – but your safety and finances will thank you. Obviously, it’s best to avoid buying that super fast classic car you have always wanted – for the moment, at least.

Staying safe

Always drive the way you feel comfortable with. If you have been taught by a good tutor, they should have ironed out any bad habits you might have picked up. But, the problems may come from other drivers. For example, you might experience tailgating, and feel that you have to hurry up and push your foot down on the accelerator. However, you should try to avoid being pressured to do anything you aren’t comfortable with by other road users.

Lower your insurance

When you have just started driving, you are more of a risk on the roads. So, your insurance company will charge you through the nose, no matter how competent and safe you are. Your best bet is to speak to the and ask them about installing a black box. This will track how you drive, brake and maneuver, and will report straight back to your insurers. The great thing about these black boxes is that they will prove how safe you are on the road – and your insurance costs will tumble far quicker.

Stay safe out there!

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.