How Does an Automotive Lip Kit Affect Car Performance?

by Andrew Hoffman

If you’re a hardcore car enthusiast, you’ve probably heard about lip kits. They are often used as a more cost-effective alternative to a front lip spoiler or chin spoiler, and many gear heads out there actually prefer lip kits for various safety, aesthetic, and performance reasons. If you’re considering using a lip kit for your car, you probably have some questions. Here is a brief overview on what you can expect a lip kit to do for your vehicle’s performance.

Improve Aerodynamics

12657363071561000While lip kits are mainly used for aesthetic purposes, they can actually improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle by increasing down force and reducing lift. While you may not see tremendous performance gains, every little detail really does count. Too much airflow underneath your vehicle can increase drag, cause turbulence, and even cause issues with your gearbox and drive shaft. A lip kit encourages air to pass on the sides of the vehicle, rather than underneath. Installing a lip kit can be an affordable way to get the kind of aerodynamics associated with lowered high-performance vehicles.

Boost Fuel Economy

Aerodynamics and fuel economy are directly related. If you put the exact same components in a bulky car and a sleek car, you’re going to see a very clear distinction as far as how much you spend on fuel. Besides boosting the speed and handling of a vehicle, improving the aerodynamics allows you to get more miles per gallon, saving you money in the long run. In fact, you may find that the right lip kit can end up being a long-term investment that pays for itself in fuel cost savings over the years.

Aerodynamic Vehicles Handle Better

Some vehicles just feel right, and aerodynamics have a lot to do with it. If your vehicle has a wind tunnel underneath it, you’re not going to feel that tight hug around wide curves, and your car is never going to feel as solid and stable as it could, especially at high speeds. Although installing a lip kit may not make a massive difference in your car’s handling, it can definitely improve your overall driving experience in subtle ways. Anyone who is serious about their car’s handling would be wise to consider every possible upgrade.

Make an Informed Decision

As All-Fit Automotive notes, not all lip and body kits are the same. Like any other type of car accessory, there are good choices and there are bad choices. Do some research before you spend any of your hard-earned money. Talk to other car hobbyists, ask for advice on online forums, and read reviews. If you like the look of front lip spoilers and chin spoilers, but you don’t like the price tag, a lip kit is an excellent alternative. You may even find that the performance gains alone are worth the cost of admission.