Mercedes-Benz Introduces New Diesel Engine Family in E 220 d

Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new family of diesel engines in the upcoming E-Class E 220 d model, coming this spring. The family of engines are modular and will find broad application across the Mercedes-Benz lineup of vehicles. The new E-Class engine will replace the outgoing OM 651 and will be known as the OM 654.

This is the first all-aluminum construction of a four-cylinder diesel for Mercedes, which uses steel pistons and a new NANOSLIDE cylinder coating to bring higher efficiency through the thermal dynamics of the aluminum on steel and the coating. Exhaust treatment technologies are incorporated on the engine itself rather than in the chassis, making it easier to adapt the engine to different uses including both longitudinal and transverse configurations.

The new engine is significantly lighter and more compact: 168.4 kg vs. 202.8 kg (-17%), two-liter displacement instead of 2.15 litres, cylinder spacing 90 mm vs. 94 mm. Key factors in weight saving were the reduced displacement, the move from two-stage to single-stage turbocharging, the aluminium crankcase including NANOSLIDE-coated cylinder liners and the two plastic engine mounts.

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Aaron Turpen
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