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For those of you who are in the car often, whether it is for long commutes to and from work or weekly runs up and down the country, you know all too well how uncomfortable it can be. The first hour or so is fine, but, not long after you’ll start to feel restless, perhaps you’ll start aching or convince yourself you need to stop and stretch. Well, there are certain gadgets and items which can help you make the most out of your longer haul motoring experiences that aren’t anything to do with your smartphone.

Switch Out Your Seats

Aftermarket seat covers from AliExpress

If you’re having particularly bad trouble with your back or find yourself aching more than usual on your long trips then consider switching your seats. The price depends which type of seats you wish to go for but there are many different ones out there from the sporty variety to luxury leather. You should try to test them before purchasing, otherwise you could be left with a seat that doesn’t suit your needs. You can find a great guide to purchasing car seats here. If you’re in the market for a new car and know you’ll be on the road many hours a day, then try to find a car which already has good, comfortable seating with the relevant back support. Volkswagen are a great place to start as they are mostly fairly priced without compromising too much on luxury, a good Volkswagen Dealer will offer finance options too, meaning you have more options to choose from if you can’t afford an upfront cash payment.

Install New Shock Absorbers

Good shock absorbers make the difference between a smooth ride or a bumpy nightmare. Each pothole or bump you go over without good suspension will send the shock right through the car and up your spine, leaving you with an uncomfortable journey and potential health issues. Shock absorbers can be quite pricey, but the comfort they offer certainly makes the price tenable. They can be worthwhile if your route takes you over rough or rocky ground. These coupled with new seats will make the ride super smooth and make your back ache woes a thing of the past.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover

Heated Cover from Heritage

If you live in a cold area, with constant snow and ice, then those drives can be a chilly feat. Especially when you first get into your car and start driving as the steering wheel is usually as cold as the snow outside. A steering wheel cover heats up quickly and allows you to touch something warm instead of cold, leaving you feeling better on your way to work. You can also get heated seat covers. If you car doesn’t have these installed already then they can be a great way of getting warm quick. They usually come with a switch, so you can turn the cover on and off as necessary and they will plug directly into your electrical outlet. The seat covers also provide an extra layer of comfort to your ride.


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