The Car Adventure: Read This If You Like To Take Your Car Exploring

Perhaps you take your car camping, or you let it take you into the wilderness just to see what you can find. It is a great way to spend time with family and to get fresh air and appreciate the outdoors. However, there are various things you need to remember to ensure you stay safe and that your car stays in working condition, because without it you could be left in a wilderness to fend for yourself. This guide can help you.

Take Spare Parts

Whether you’re going over high mountains, through dense forests or across snowy peaks, you need to take key spare parts. This way, if anything goes wrong you’ll be able to simply switch out the parts and continue adventuring. A spare tire is a must, in fact you should take two if going over rough terrain. It can be pricey to stock up on spare parts, but there are various money off savings to be had such as this advance auto parts promo code. Take some tools too, because various changes may need specific tool sets such as a jack for changing tires or a socket wrench for spark plugs.

Take Snow Chains

If you’re going somewhere you know there will be snow and ice then you should take snow chains, there’s nothing worse than getting stuck out in the snow with the wheels turning aimlessly. The snow chains can help you if this happens. You can prevent this by attaching the snow chains before hitting the snowy climbs. If you don’t want the snow chains then take something like used rugs which you can put under the wheels if they lose traction for whatever reason.

Take A Jump Pack

If you’re going camping then this is a must. You’ll be leaving the car for a few days and in cold weather this can have a bad effect on the battery, you’ll turn the key and nothing at all will happen. A jump pack is a way of jump starting the car without using another car. You need to make sure you charge the jump pack before leaving. Simply attach it like you would jump leads and turn the key and the car should start without a hitch.

Take A Sat Phone

Satellite phones work pretty much anywhere in the world and are vital if you’re going somewhere unfamiliar for an extended period of time. You could get lost, or you could break down with no chance of getting the car started yourself. Someone could get hurt and you could need medical attention. Having a sat phone means you’re covered if anything happens. Check the signal coverage before you go, you may be fine to take your normal mobile phone.

Do Your Research

Wherever you’re going you should be able to do your research. Check the temperatures, the weather, accessibility of cars and whether the area is vehicle friendly, for example sand storms would wreck havoc on the engine. Research should form a huge part of any kind of adventure you’re going to undertake.

Alicia Baker
Alicia is a Canadian writer whose enthusiasm for cultural and automotive are combined in her writing. Her background includes links to insurance, finance, and automotive safety.