Top Issues Which Could Delay You Selling Your Car

It’s always a challenging time when you decide to sell your vehicle. After all, you want to find a buyer quickly so you can quickly get on the road to buying a new car. However, for some people, they really struggle to sell their car if they go down the private route. And they are unsure of why it’s taking so long. Therefore, here are some top issues which could be delaying you selling your car, and what to do about it.

Unnecessary modifications

A lot of people like to modify their car in some way. For example, they might decide to change the seats in the car to sportier versions. Or they might decide to upgrade the engine in the vehicle. But while these updates might work for you, they might not be so popular with potential buyers. In fact, these modifications could actually put people off from buying your car. After all, a lot of people will want the car back in its original form. People in older age might not be so keen about your racing seats! Therefore, look through your modifications and decide whether they are benefiting the car. If not, revert it back to its original form, and then you will find a buyer.

Scratches in the paintwork

It’s easy to pick up some scratches during your ownership of the car. After all, we might have accidentally knocked it when parking before. Or even scratched it against someone else’s car. But while you might not think they are a big deal, these marks could be the reason why you are not finding a buyer quickly. After all, most people will want to buy a car that has clear paintwork. They want to impress friends and family with the vehicle. So they might not be willing to splash the cash for a scratched car. Therefore, look into fixing deep scratches in your car now to ensure you find a buyer quickly. You can either do it yourself with a kit or take it to a body shop garage to get it fixed. And with it looking as good as new, you will hopefully find someone to take it off your hands ASAP.

Lack of paperwork

A lot of us must admit we are not very good with paperwork. We put it down in our house and forget to sort it out. Therefore, it can end up missing when you need it most. And then you might have to sell your vehicle without all the essential paperwork. This can then cause a delay as a lot of buyers will want to see the service record book and the car manual. Therefore, if you want to speed up finding a buyer, you need to get the paperwork sorted. Look through your home and try and gather up any records you do have. And if anything is missing, it’s worth getting in touch with the garage where you had your last service. After all, they might have the paperwork on file. As for the manual, you can contact the brand to get a copy of the book.

And remember to clean it from top to bottom. After all, if the car isn’t up to it’s best, you will struggle to get a sale!

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.