Top Things to Add to Your Car to Become a Pro Driver

Ridesharing services are hiring drivers in cities all over the country. People are excited to earn money on their own time by driving people around and giving them good local information.

Before you start driving for a service there are some practical things you will want to have to make your life as a driver easier. Even if you can’t start out with all of them, you can add a few items as you receive your Uber driver pay over time. As you get paid each week, usually on Thursdays directly to your bank account, make sure to put some of that money back into your business.

Things to Buy That Will Make Your Life as a Driver Easier

Upgraded phone mount. The phone mounts your company supplies may not be the best quality for all the times you are going to be touching your screen. Make sure your phone mount is comfortable and sturdy. Having solid access to the app and navigation is key to making money, so ensure it is somewhere you can see it well and use it safely.

Plenty of phone chargers and charger cords. The last thing you want is your phone to die and all you have to charge it is a two-inch cord that you find buried in the bottom of your glove compartment. Make sure you have multiple cords and chargers as we all know how they are not the most reliable or well-made pieces of equipment. You don’t want to be stranded somewhere with no charge and no directions.

Front seat trash can. While you are riding around all day, you are going to collect trash from your own snacks, your riders’ snacks, tissues, and wrappers. Keep your car clean and tidy by having a handy trash can with some bags. This way you can wrap up the bags when you take breaks and make a quick clean up.

Window cleaner wipes. Driving through the city, or through swarms of bugs over waterways can make a mess of your windshield quickly. Instead of having to run to gas stations multiple times, get some window wipes you can use for swiping and cleaning quickly. Also, make sure you have extra windshield washer fluid in your car. You’ll be surprised how much of it you will go through. Keep the wipes for the parts of your windshield the wipers miss.

Car steering wheel desk for waiting periods. There are going to be down times when you won’t have riders needing cars. In that case, be prepared to do other work, send emails, or each lunch in style with a car steering wheel desk. It functions much like a flip down the tray on an airplane, giving you just enough space for resting your book or playing on your tablet.

Blind spot mirrors for extra safety. You might not think you need extra blind spot mirrors, but consider how much driving you will be doing and in areas that might not always be familiar. You need every advantage you can get and that means being able to see in as many directions as possible. Spring for a few extra mirrors and make looking around while you are driving easier on your neck.