How Not To Lose Your Car Claim

Most drivers agree that the most stressful experience they had was to file a claim for a car accident. Ultimately, whether your insurer covers the damages or whether you need to resort to a lawsuit, filing a complaint can be highly challenging and stressful. Indeed, filing a claim takes a lot more effort than informing your insurer of an accident. You need to fill up forms, defend your case logically, and be correctly advised of your rights. Consequently, even with the best of wills, a lot of people who should be in a position to win their car claims lose both the case and a vast amount of money. Here’s a little guide to help you put all the chances on your side.

#1. Know how to proceed

While nobody likes a car accident, it’s essential that you understand how to best react if you happen to be involved in one – whether it is your fault or not. It can be challenging to stay calm at first, but you’ll find that knowing the best way to proceed in a crash can change your approach positively and reduce stress levels. The first step is to assess the situation, namely in terms of injuries and traffic. People who have sustained an injury as a result of a crash need to be seen by medical staff as soon as possible. Additionally, if your car or the other driver’s car is blocking the road, it will have to be moved if it is possible. Only then can you call 911 to inform them about the accident and the injuries. It’s a good idea to notify your insurer and document the crash if you’re in a position to do so, until the police arrive.

#2. Get all the help you need

For complex crashes, or collisions that caused material and/or physical damages, you might want to find the right lawyers to handle your claim. A legal team can help you navigate complex forms and legal requirements to receive compensation, or even to protect you if the other driver shows signs of aggressive defence.  

#3. Don’t fake it

If you were involved and it wasn’t your fault, it can be tempting to make your injuries appear worse than they are to help your claim. In reality, you need to be aware that both insurers and legal advisors will review your medical records in the case of an injury claim. In other words, faking pain and wounds can be damaging for your situation. While this isn’t to say that you should pretend everything is fine when it isn’t, you need to remain trustworthy.

#4. Avoid road rage

Picture the scene: Someone accidentally drove into the back of your car. Regardless how angry you might feel, you need to remember that road rage isn’t going to help you. You can’t threaten the other driver or display aggressive and violent behavior, even if the accident wasn’t your fault. You need to stay calm and helpful to help your case in the long term.

There are, naturally, many ways to win your claim. But before you can focus on winning, you need to ensure your behavior and knowledge isn’t going to be used against you to reject the claim.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.