Know and Avoid – Top 10 Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents are unfortunately very common in India and human error is the main cause behind majority of these road crashes. While some accidents are relatively minor, a huge number of lives are taken each year by these horrifying car crashes. Therefore, it is important to drive carefully and follow all traffic rules as your life can be at risk if you drive recklessly.

In order to avoid such accidents, you need to be extra careful. We have compiled a list of top 10 reasons for road accidents which are completely avoidable.

  • Distraction

As we are getting more used to the technology, it is getting harder every day to concentrate on one thing. And when you have a lot on your plate, something is bound to go wrong.

Using a mobile phone, changing music or changing location on the map are some of the reasons distracting drivers while driving. By avoiding these actions, you can save not only your life but also the life of other passengers.

  • Intoxication

Alcohol, drugs, and driving- these three things never mix to give positive results. Any driver who has intoxicating substances in his or her system is a risk on the road. There are strict laws against drunk driving as you can cause severe harm to people present on the road. Therefore, if you are high, either hire a cab or take help of someone who is sober.

  • Unfamiliar Territories

When you enter an unfamiliar area, it is possible that you are not aware of the turns, potholes and other aspects which can cause road accidents. Therefore, it is essential to keep your eyes on the road all the time to avoid such accidents.

  • Medical Complications

Medical conditions such as heart attacks and blackouts can lead to road accidents. People who are prone to sudden headaches, seizers etc. should avoid getting behind the steering wheel as stress can trigger a lot of different medical conditions.

  • Speeding

There are laws which do not allow you to go beyond certain speed limit in different areas. These speed limits are designed after a lot of studies and research to reduce the number of road accidents. When you do not follow these speed limits, you are putting yours as well as others life at risk.

  • Reckless Driving

Street racing, jumping the red light, ignoring signs and warnings, performing stunts etc. come under reckless driving. The one who is driving recklessly on the road is like a killer set loose with a deadly weapon. To make sure you do not drive recklessly always follow the rules as per your area. Also, prefer to get on the side of the road if you see someone driving recklessly and inform the traffic police.

  • Climatic Conditions

Heavy rain, dense fog, waterlogged roads, and heavy winds are some of the climatic conditions that can cause road accidents. Heavy rains can create potholes that have been proven deadly so many times. Thus, it is important that you drive carefully when the weather is not in your favour.

  • Mechanical Failures

In the end, a car is a machine, and it can fail. From brakes to tires and engine, anything can fail at any given time without warning. It is thus important to get your car checked regularly to avoid such failures.

  • Bad Condition of The Car

If you are not keeping your car in good shape, sooner or later it will cause problems that can lead to an accident. Further, the condition of the car may go south because of the manufacturer’s fault as well. So, if you find out that there is something wrong with your car, get it fixed immediately.

  • Animals on The Road

It is one of the most common reasons for accidents in a country like India. In many cities and villages, animals are commonly seen on the roads which can lead to accidents.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there are many other factors which can cause road accidents. In some cases, no one is at fault, and it is just bad luck. In order to stay on the safer side, it is important to avoid at least the financial loss arising out of such untoward events. Therefore, given the financial risks that your car exposes you to, it is recommended that you get comprehensive car insurance that protects you from any financial liability that may arise out of a mishap involving your vehicle.

Despite having good driving skills, having comprehensive car insurance is a must for every car owner because of the severity of road accidents. Even a relatively minor damage to your car may involve a high cost to get it fixed, or even a small treatment can mean a big expense. Moreover, a collision with another car which leads to severe injury to fellow passengers can be a huge emotional and financial strain. Financial support in the form of comprehensive vehicle insurance can bring down the burden of the problem by paying for these expenses.

Car insurance is vital, which makes it important to choose wisely. You may take car insurance quotes from different insurance companies and compare them to make an informed decision. Searching through online portals to receive the best car insurance quote from a renowned company will enable you to buy the most beneficial policy instantly.


Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.