7 Common Car Rental Mistakes People Make

Exploring the beautiful landscape that God gave America can be enjoyable if you transverse through it in a car. Some people prefer going on road trips and vacations with their cars, while others simply rent convenient cars. Renting one should be a simple and straightforward process, but you can make mistakes too if you aren’t attentive enough. These mistakes might result in higher rental costs or un-enjoyable experience. Here are few common car rental mistakes people make.

  1. Picking the First Company That Gets Your Attention

Different service providers always offer different rates. At least most of them. When it comes to car rental companies, they play different music as well. Never think that they charge the same rates.

The company that you saw first could be charging the highest rates so check other agencies to find better rates and deals. Price depend on the agency and its location.

  1. Failing to Fill the Gas Tank

Rental agencies charge you more when you return their vehicle without a full tank. According to the agreement, if you don’t fill the tank yourself, then they will do it for you at a fee, and that will cost you more than the gas station.

Save yourself some money buy looking for a gas station with the lowest price per gallon, return the rental car to the agency with full tank, and say thanks.

  1. Not Making Pre-Rental Inspection

If you bring back a car with cracks in the light covers, scratches on the body, dents, chipped paint, stains and other problems, you will have to dig to your pocket again to pay for the damage.

To be safe from a mess you didn’t even make, call the agent, and check out the car together. It’s a better way of informing them that when you return the car, they remember the condition the car was in before you left. If it has mechanical problems, return it.

  1. Buying Another Insurance

People who rent cars have probably fallen victim to this at least once. You may be felt that you didn’t want that massive bill in case the car got hit. You are likely covered already before you take that car from the agency.

Some insurance providers for personal cars, also provide insurance to rental cars too. So better to check with an insurance provider.

  1. Choosing the Vehicle

You may walk or call a luxury car rental agency to book a luxurious sports car. That would be good, and you will have a moment of your life if you are driving alone or with few friends, your spouse, or just family, without carrying any luggage.

But if it’s a whole family affair with luggage, equipment, or furniture, it’s better to take an SUV or a minivan. The car that can fulfill your needs is what you need.

Take the Ferrari if it’s what you need. Your spouse wouldn’t mind it.

When traveling through the most beautiful cities in the world you should pay attention to supercars, for example, you can choose luxury car hire in Nice.

  1. Renting a Car at the Airport

This is probably the most common mistake people do. Making arrangements at the airport will milk your pockets almost dry. Most travelers arrange a car rental from the airport, but they don’t realize how expensive those rentals are. Far more expensive than all the other places.

The reason is, airports means business. They charge higher taxes and renting a parking space is more expensive. The car rental companies pass all those payments to you. It’s better to take an Uber to a rental company far from the airport.

  1. Failing to Join the Club

Most car rental companies have created groups that you can sign with to save you a few bucks, enjoy perfect discounts, and gain perks.

Consider joining those groups especially if you plan to enter the car renting business later on.


Take your time and analyze all these points before you make a move. To rent a car is an easy process and it’s a convenient way of securing a car instead of borrowing your friend’s. However, you have to avoid making mistakes when renting one.