NFL Teams With the Same Name As Cars

Did you know that there are 32 vehicles that have names that match National Football League team names? Most of these are probably coincidental, but some are obvious, even if they’re not related.

The Ford Bronco, for example, is obviously sharing its name with the Denver Broncos. Both for the same reason: they’re related to tough-sounding, rodeo-themed horses. Something similar can be said of the Dodge Charger and the LA Chargers, both of which use the name for a tough-sounding horse. Interestingly, the Dodge Charger was introduced at the 1966 Rose Bowl, at which point the Chargers had already been a San Diego team for six years.

Some more obvious, clear-cut tie-ins include the Nissan Titan and the Tennessee Titans. The Titans were previously the Houston Oilers, but changed their name to match not only their stadium in Nashville, which has Nissan’s sponsorship, but also the then-new Nissan Titan pickup truck.

Here’s some more tie-ins that may or may not be related, courtesy of an infographic we found.

Aaron Turpen
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