Selling Your Car To Car Nuts

porsche 914

Owning a loud, aggressive and hair-raising sports car is for some people, a once in a lifetime deal. It’s something that you save up for. You work hard and you be patient, keeping your eye on the prize. Then, finally, after a few years of waiting and relentless penny pinching, you get to own your dream car. It’s common for that dream, to become a screeching nightmare. Perhaps you weren’t ready to own such an expensive item. The maintenance might have been too much for your purse strings. You might be disappointed with the way the car feels to you. Unfortunately, many things in life, seem to be better in our heads than in reality. So, you now want to sell the beast. But of course, you want maximum value for it, so you’re after a car nut to sell it to.

A parting kiss

As soon as you decide to sell the car, don’t become complacent. Don’t become a melancholy figure because your dream didn’t last long. This will lead to you no longer caring about the car. Sports cars need regular maintenance. Make sure you’re storing the car properly. Putting a cotton sheet over the car and then either a car cover or an industrial tarp, will keep the car in great condition. The dust and rust will be nipping at its heels. So if you want to impress a car nut and show them that the car is of the highest quality albeit used, this is the way to do it. You’ll also have the chance to give a more showmanship reveal of the car during a viewing session, resting underneath the covers.

Be detail specific

The best way to impress a car nut is to give them as much detail as possible. They want to know exactly what kind of car and model it is. They want to know everything from the wheel nuts, brake lights, seatbelts, to the engine, upholstery and service history. It’s okay if you don’t know the exact details off by heart, you can always go onto the brand’s website and put them into your advertisement. This is how you copy/paste on Mac, as it might take a long time to read and remember details you’ve never read and type them up from glances. You can copy and paste large chunks of text, but also use control + K to delete everything after the point of your cursor. This is to get rid of unimportant details and only keep the facts you need. 

Advertise to enthusiasts

Scour the internet to find car enthusiast groups so you can advertise your car to them directly. Don’t always rely on the open market because you’ll be speaking with buyers that don’t know the real value of the car and may try to lower the price beyond reason. Again, when you go into these groups, the forums will allow you to present as much detail as possible. So take the opportunity to entice the users by taking pictures and video of the car.

Somebody who doesn’t know the real value of your sports car will try to rob you blind. But selling to a car nut will almost always net you a larger fortune if you play your cards right. 

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.