What Every Car Salesman Should Know

Deciding to buy a new car can be quite a difficult decision. It is a big commitment and also very expensive. People are often concerned about purchasing a vehicle that will only cause them numerous issues once they drive it on the road. There is nothing more frustrating than commuting from work after a long day, and your car breaks down.

All of this represents some of the anxieties that buyers experience. Your job as a car salesman is to facilitate buying a car while supporting potential customers through this journey. In this article, we will advise you of what every car sales assistant should know.

Customers Are All ‘Just Looking’

When they come into a dealership, most customers may be a bit wary and have not yet decided that they want to buy a car. Evidently, at this point, they are solely looking around and doing their research by visiting their different options to see how they feel. When you see new potential buyers come to you, they will probably tell you they are not yet interested in buying anything. However, they are indeed looking to buy. They just have not found the car they are looking for yet. This is an important stage of the process; it is your role as a car salesman to provide them with a good impression and treat them as if they have already decided that they are buying a car, without being too pushy or forceful.

Offer More Than the Vehicle

Buying a car is indeed a long journey. The individual will restlessly look for a car they will like and need, negotiate prices, take it for a test drive, but it does not end here. You can stand out from the competition by offering more than the vehicles. Perhaps support the potential buyers with title transfer and obtaining the documents, including vehicle registration, and ensuring all maintenance checks are up to date.  This may be a small thing for you to do, but it will certainly mean a lot to the customer and improve your chances of making a sale.

Do Not Talk Negatively About The Competition

A potential customer may visit different car dealerships until they find what they are looking for. It is not very professional to bad mouth your competition, as it will leave the customers with a negative perspective. Respect that there are competitors and that the potential customers may go to them for a visit. Rather than talking negatively about others who provide similar services, make sure that you tell the buyers all the reasons why they should buy a vehicle from you and why you stand out from the rest of the dealerships.

Price Is Not Everything

Often, car salespeople start to forget about their passion for selling cars, and all they see is money, and their ultimate goal is to sell a vehicle for as much money as possible. So they haggle the price with the customer. On the other hand, car salespeople can also sell cars for way cheaper, hoping that this will close the deal. Be truthful to yourself and the customer, and remember that the value the potential buyer sees in the car is what truly matters. The more value you make them see in the car, the more money they are likely to pay for the vehicle.

Someone Saying ‘We’ll be back’ is a Bad Sign

If you have some experience as a car salesperson or any other type of sales for that matter, you may be familiar with the individuals who come in to have a look, and after a long conversation with you, they say ‘we will be back.’ More often than not, this means they want to leave but just do not dare to say that they are not convinced by your techniques and will keep looking somewhere else. Therefore, make sure that with every customer, you give them a reason to ‘not be back’ because they will leave the parking lot with a car they bought off you.

Emotions are Important

Not every single one of the individuals coming through your door will show massive levels of excitement when it comes to buying a car, even if they do not show it. This is a big commitment, and there is nothing better than upgrading your vehicle or even getting your first one. The feeling you get when you are driving it on the road is worth anything. 

This means potential buyers may not be thinking only with their heads but with their hearts, too, since emotions are at play here. As a salesman, you need to be excited and enthusiastic about selling cars and show your passion. This may match how the customer feels about their journey of looking for a car and will increase the chances of buying a car.

Making a sale can be difficult, particularly when you are faced with demanding customers. You need to use your skills to improve your chances. Knowing the information discussed above will increase your chances of selling a car and making customers very happy with their new ride.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.