Editorial Staff

The editorial staff here at CarNewsCafe.com consists of a variety of contributors, seasoned veteran writers, and newcomers.  We are proud of each and every one who take part in this car news magazine; big or small.

Aaron Turpen – Editor-in-Chief

Aaron handles most of the editing and technical backend operations here.  He is our “Tech Genius.”  Aaron’s focus in automotive has been to bring a different perspective, based on excitement and knowledge, using his background as a writer, truck driver, and automotive mechanic for a basis. Read his latest here.

Alicia Baker – Lifestyles Contributor

Alicia is based in Canada and brings lifestyle and ownership perspectives to CarNewsCafe. Her background is in insurance, finance, and automotive safety. Read her latest here.

Drive Mode – Reviews and Editorial Commentary

The Drive Mode Show is another project of our editor Aaron Turpen, teamed up with Texas-based automotive contributor Kristin Shaw. The two comment on current happenings in automotive and give reviews of vehicles from varied perspectives. Read their latest here.

Emily Muelford – British Automotive Lifestyles

Emily is an automotive lifestyles writer based in Great Britain. Her background includes automotive sales, shop repairs, and insurance. She has been a fan of car culture since an early age. Read her latest here.

Luke Peters – Lifestyles and Editorial Contributor

Luke is a popular writer covering perspectives from the layman’s point of view. His background brings a unique look at automotive from a consumer’s perspective. Read his latest here.

Martin Banks – Lifestyles Contributor

Martin has a long history with both automotive and technology. His background brings a perspective focused on real-world consumer uses in automotive. Read his latest here.

Robert Cooke – Lifestyles Contributor

Robert is a long-time mechanic and automotive enthusiast whose perspective brings a clear understanding of the aftermarket and after-sale for consumers. Read his latest here.

Tom Brown – Lifestyles Contributor

Tom is a native of the East Coast of the United States with a background in high-end automotive sales and public relations. He brings a unique perspective in lifestyles in and around automotive consumers. Read his latest here.

Will Hopstetter – Lifestyles Contributor

Will has a background in engineering and statistical analysis, but focuses his work in automotive on the choices consumers make and the repercussions of those choices. Read his latest here.