About Us

Car News Cafe is a website founded by automotive journalists who were brought together by serendipity in a semi-random way.  Our philosophy is to pool our resources together to achieve a greater viewership. We have different types of backgrounds in automotive news and car information that we cover. We found that, together, we make a complete team of car experts and enthusiasts. This is how CarNewsCafe.com was founded.

Our goal is to bring you, the reader, several perspectives on the industry and the vehicles in it while at the same time informing and entertaining both you and ourselves.  Leading this collaboration is our Editor in Chief, Aaron Turpen. A long-time automotive journalist.

Why We Started CarNewsCafe

The elephant in the room in automotive journalism is that most major automotive outlets are not editorially neutral.  Many are populated with long-time industry insiders who favor one company over another either for personal reasons or, worse, because that’s who’s advertising  with (paying) them.  Some magazines and blogs actually become exclusive to favored manufacturers (of either parts or vehicles).  Most of the time, bias is based purely on editorial preference.

While this is considered the norm in the industry at large, the founders of Car News Cafe were not happy with this.  While we do write for some of these outlets, ethically we yearn for our own place where we can be truly subjective.

Another issue is search engine optimization. It is not uncommon for website owners to obsess so heavily on SEO that they forget that content is ultimately meant to be read by humans, not Google. All of us have written for outlets who began to put so much emphasis on SEO (while ignoring fundamentals of good publishing) that we’ve ultimately quit writing for them.  While SEO is important to a site’s livelihood (getting people to find its content), it should never become the all-consuming goal of the publication.  Our philosophy here at CarNewsCafe is to create great content and let SEO take its course.  So far, this has worked well for us.

As technology changes, we are also faced with the prospect of artificial intelligence taking our place. As AI improves, it will begin to replace content online and replace the hand-written, personalized writing of human individuals. At CarNewsCafe, we have pledged to never replace the human element in our content. So any AI used, if used, will be clearly marked. Written content here at CarNewsCafe is human first.

All of us at Car News Cafe share a common bond: we love technology, we love automobiles, and we enjoy writing about both.  We invite you to unite and distribute our content with more weight.

Here on CarNewsCafe, we do not accept direct advertising from automotive manufacturers or their media representative (ad agencies).  Anytime you see an ad for a manufacturer, it is through an editorially-neutral third party such as Google.