World’s Major Battery-Electric Carmakers Announce 2023 Production Totals

Most of the world’s largest battery-electric automakers have now given total sales figures for 2023.

With fourth quarter 2023 sales and delivery numbers announced, most of the world’s largest battery-electric automakers have now given total sales figures for 2023.

BYD showed the largest gains, year-on-year, at just over 3 million total new energy units (battery-electric or plug-in hybrid models). Nearly all of those vehicles were passenger vehicles with YoY growth totaling about 62 percent for the company. Roughly half of the units sold (52.5 percent) were battery-electrics and represent the largest gains in YoY growth for BYD.

Tesla’s Q4 2023 deliveries announcement totaled 484,507 units, nearly all (95 percent) of which were Model 3 and Model Y models. Total 2023 vehicle deliveries were 1.81 million units, showing YoY growth at 38 percent for Tesla Motors. About 96 percent of the total sales at Tesla were for Model 3 and Y models in 2023.

Upstart maker Rivian also showed large growth in its second full year of manufacture and first full year manufacturing multiple models. The company produced over 17,000 vehicles and delivered almost 14,000 of them in Q4, showing YoY growth of 75 percent. Most of the undelivered vehicles in Q4, Rivian says, were Amazon delivery vehicles, which Amazon put on hold until January 2024 to focus on the holiday season. Rivian delivered a total of 50,122 vehicles in 2023.

Other automakers that are not focused on electrified vehicles, such as General Motors, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, etc., showed EV model sales growth. But at far lower rates than smaller electric-centric makers. Most are dialing back production of battery-electric vehicles for 2024.

Currently, electric vehicle sales comprise about 18 percent of the global market and about 8.5 percent of the U.S. market.

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