Hello Kitty goes to Space

Hello Kitty goes to space!  Yup, you read that right.

A 13-year old Californian girl, Lauren Rojas, decided to do something for for her 7th Grade Science Fair project at Cornerstone Christian Academy, build a rocketship for her Hello Kitty doll.  Like any smart young person these days Lauren filmed the project that her dad, Rod, helped her with.  They also made a video of the Hello Kitty flight into space using a GoPro camera and then posted that video up on Youtube set to the song “We Are Young” by Fun.  Of course the video of the Lauren Roja’s Hello Kitty doll epic trip went viral and was even featured on the Discovery Channel.

Check out the awesome trip the Hello Kitty took into space!

Awesome, right?  The pink ribbon below on the the rocket was to honor breast cancer survivors.

Yesterday Lauren was awarded first place at Association of Christian Schools International science fair competition for the Northern California region.  Congrats Lauren!  

The company that originally created Hello Kitty, Sanrio, now has featured Lauren’s video on their website.  Also High Altitude Science, the company that makes and built the flight computer and weather balloon, has it prominently featured on their website.

Maybe next year for the school Science Fair Lauren Rojas can send a GI Joe across the ocean! 🙂

[Image source – video]

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