Biker Gang Road Rage attack in New-York City caught on Tape [VIDEO]

Lightning Motorcycle at Pikes Peak
Lightning Motorcycle blows gasoline bikes at Pikes Peak

Check out this video that has gone viral of a road rage incident in New-York City showing a biker gang attacking a family in a Land Rover.  The whole incident was caught on tape by one of the rider’s helmet cams.

Apparently what happened is the man driving the Land Rover accidentally clipped the back wheel of one of the riders.  He pulled over to asses the damage, and I assume to speak with the  rider, when the biker gang swarmed the SUV.  Feeling intimidated the Land Rover driver speed away and riders chased him for 4 miles into New-York City.

When the Land Rover came to a stop, several bikers get off their motorcycles and started attacking the SUV which had a toddler inside.  The biker gang didn’t just stop with attacking the car though as they pulled the Land Rover driver’s out of his vehicle, slashed his face with a knife and left him bleeding in the street.

As it turns out the motorcycle rider using his helmet to smash the window of the Land Rover was a police officer.  Now 2 men, including the cop, are being charged in this biker gang road rage incident.

You might remember the Camp Pendleton Marine Road Rage video back in April.   I guess these videos show that even those in law enforcement and the Military are susceptible to road rage.

To be fair to the driver of the Land Rover,I see many sportbike riders that ride their motorcycles extremely recklessly in groups.  So sometimes it’s hard for me to feel bad when riders claims drivers don’t see them.  (In case you are wondering, I do have a bike license.)

On the flip side they are a lot of bad drivers out there that just are not paying enough attention to notice a group of riders, and this is how accidents ensue.

What do you think of this biker gang road rage attack?  What would you do in this situation?

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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