How To Decide What Car To Buy

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Buying a car can sometimes be a hard thing to do. Most people don’t have a specific make and model in mind, and so they will spend ages comparing different models. People that are new to car buying might just ask the dealer to help them. And we all know how bad an idea that is!

Are you thinking about buying a car soon? If so, and you are stuck in this predicament, today’s handy article is here to save the day! By reading it, you will learn how to narrow down your choice, and how to be a wise buyer.

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Think about your needs

I know this sounds like an obvious point to make. But before you go out and buy a car, you need to consider what your individual needs are.

For instance, if you are an eligible bachelor, you might only want a small car, or even a coupe of some description. But what if you have a family in tow? You will need a car that offers plenty of space, seating and comfort.

Thinking about what you need out of a car will help you to narrow down your choice of cars.

Are you a brand snob?

There are two groups of car buyers in this world:

*Those that have a love for certain brands;

*Those that don’t care what badge is on their car.

The people that fall into the latter category will have the pick of the market. Those that only want to buy cars made by one or two car makers will be quite limited in choice.

Inchcape Mercedes say that many of their new customers fall into the latter category too. It would seem that only a few people fall into the former category.

Do you fall into the brand snob category? If so, you should bear in mind that most car makers team up on joint project, and some own many different brands.

For instance, Volkswagen own a few different brands including Skoda. The Czech car marque gets its engineering input direct from Wolfsburg, and so you have a Volkswagen heart under the hood. And you get to save a few grand in the process by not being a brand snob!

Manual or automatic?

Once upon a time, people that drove automatic cars in European countries got frowned upon. But these days, automatic gearboxes are just as efficient as their manual brothers.

Certain car brands, such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, sell most of their cars with automatic gearboxes. And Volkswagen’s DSG twin-clutch system keeps the fun of driving a manual without the need to use a clutch pedal!

You should bear in mind that you will need a full driving licence to drive a manual. Do you have an automatic-only driving licence? If so, you can also drive cars with DSG transmissions and even “clutchless manuals.”

Now that you have narrowed down your car choice, you will end up buying the perfect car for your needs. If you have used this guide to buy your car, do let us know! Thanks for reading.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.