Captain Nemo’s Nautilus Going Up For Auction

The six-wheeled Nautilus car from the film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, starring Sean Connery, is going up for auction in July. The car will be sold by Coys at the Blenheim Palace auction.

The car itself was designed by Carol Spier, art director for the film, and there were only two made. This one is fully functional and was used throughout the film and is the one that appeared on film posters and other graphics. The other car used had scaffolding and other modifications added for camera close-ups of those inside.

180615coys-aThe vehicle was a Land Rover fire tender with a Rover V8 engine. The chassis and bodywork were added and are mostly fiberglass. Spier took inspiration from the Hindu god Ganesha and undersea flora. The interior is faux leather and still contains the original dials from the Rover. Hydraulics adjust ride height. The car is completely original from the film set, with no modifications, so on-set repairs for minor dings and breaks are evident.

The car was on display at the Prop Store in the United Kingdom, purchased by the store from the film’s producers. Estimated auction value for the car is £18,000 to £25,000. The car has appeared in the Lord Mayor’s show and Essen.

Aaron Turpen
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