New Drivers: Prepare for These Things!

When you become a new driver, you need to be aware of issues you might face. There are a lot of things you need to expect and prepare for when you start driving. Take a look at the ideas on this list and use them to help you prepare well for the transition of becoming a driver.

Your First MOT

When the date of your first MOT draws near you may be filled with nerves. Your car is going to be put through the ringer. Every facet of it is going to be inspected at length, and there might be an array of problems. If you have an old car, in particular, you will need to consider the fact that your car may fail. Then you need to consider getting a new car or fixing the problems that made it fail in the first place.

Getting the Best Insurance

Most drivers dread one word above all others ‘insurance’. It’s likely to elicit the same sort of response as mentioning winter in Game of Thrones! Drivers hate having to deal with securing the right car insurance. But, unfortunately, this is something that you need to get sorted as soon as you can. It’s easy to want to accept the first insurance quote you’re offered. But this isn’t the best thing to do because there are better deals out there. So, you need to make sure you hunt around for car insurance quotes. There are plenty of price comparison sites online that you can use to compare and contrast insurance quotes.

The Price of Fuel

There may be a few things that take you by surprise when you finally start to drive. One of the things that non-drivers never account for is the cost of fuel. Gas prices seem to be on the rise every year, and this is a big expense. So, as a new driver, you’re going to have to adapt to the prices of fuel. Add this to your monthly budget for running costs for your car. You might be shocked by how much gas costs these days. That’s why you should prepare in advance and maybe try to do some research while you’re at it.

Dealing With Your First Accident

When you first become a driver, you need to understand that you will have to deal with your first accident. Some people might go years without an accident, but others may have an accident within a few months. You need to prepare for this and figure out how you’re going to deal with the first accident. Make sure you look into hiring an auto accident lawyer as well as ensuring you have the right insurance. It can be an upsetting and trying time dealing with your first accident. So the better you prepare now, the better you will be able to deal with it when the time arrives.


Owning a car is a great way of making your life easier. We all know how important it is to be able to drive, and how much it can benefit us. And one of the things you need to prepare for as a new driver is the possibility of downgrading your vehicle. The bottom line is that driving can be very expensive. There are loads of expenses you’ll have to deal with in your life already, and this is something extra. So you need to think about the possibility of downsizing and getting a car that’s cheaper to run. This is going to save money for you over time so it’s something you will have to prepare for needing to do.


Of course, you need to make sure you’re always sensible when you drive. You should never speed, but sometimes people end up doing just that. You’ve got to be prepared for what will happen if you do speed. For one thing, it’s very dangerous and you could cause accidents and even death. You will also need to deal with getting points on your licence, or worse. So, prepare for the fact that you might be tempted to speed at some point. And make sure you remember this and stop yourself as soon as you can!

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.