The Top Road Trip Tips

There’s nothing like an adventure along beautiful roads, in a beautiful car, with, probably, a beautiful family or not-so-beautiful friends. Whatever the case, you’re about to go on a road trip, and you’re likely absolutely buzzing. Of course, it’s easy to get a little carried away with the road trip mentality, and feel the urge to just jump in your car and get going. Like any sort of holiday, however, you have to prepare. Otherwise, what seemed like a fun adventure at the beginning might quickly turn into a sour and frustrating experience.

Planning a romantic adventure.

Maybe you’ve not planned a wild trip out on the road, full of unexpected meetings with hitchhikers (not recommended) and partying well into the night. Maybe you’re thinking of a pleasant road trip down country lanes with your significant other. A romantic road trip sounds rather pleasant, and with spring looming, you could hop in a nice top-down Chevrolet before cruising off into the horizon with the sun beating down on you.

Again, it’s a nice image, but, as we all know, real life requires a little more boring planning that films care to point out. You need to actually have a plan for the trip, no matter how short or how long it may be. Perhaps you figured out how long it would take to drive from place to place, but one thing that can mess up any travelling plan is other people. Delays and traffic jams can turn a peaceful drive into a nightmare, so check the traffic situation online before you set off on your adventure, and ensure you take the most pleasant route possible. This applies even if you’re going on a more of a family holiday or a wild adventure with friends.

Preparing for the unexpected.

A holiday is supposed to be a fun time, which means you don’t want to stress and worry about things. A road trip is no different, and you’re probably going to be having too much fun with your friends or family to think about important things. This is your time to relax, so you don’t want any nasty surprises to ruin that. You have to prepare for the unexpected preemptively, and ensure your car is all set for the adventure before you’ve left home.

It’s time to get stuck in and inspect your car from top to bottom. This is the thing on which your whole trip depends, and you don’t want dirty seats, drinks cans, food and other mess to deter your passengers from enjoying themselves. Of course, this is a minor and easily-fixable solution, but the main thing you need to ensure if that you’ve seen an Auto Repair shop before you even think about setting off. When it comes to long journeys, your vehicle needs to be in tip top shape.

Don’t rely on one route.

Anything can happen with roads; there can be an accident, delay or roadworks. You need to be prepared to take a second route, should something go wrong with the original one, because otherwise it’s going to put a dent in your trip and ruin the flow.

Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.