Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Car for the First Time

Buying a car is not an easy task. They are expensive and a major investment. You have to think thoroughly before you finalize a purchase.

A large number of buyers, especially first time buyers, make common mistakes when buying a car, and these mistake can cost them a lot, not just in terms of money but time as well.

To help you make this decision safely here are five mistakes you must avoid when buying a car.

  1. Not Knowing Your Requirements

You must know why you need a car. For example, if you are a family of five, you must buy a car that can accommodate five people easily. Similarly, if you’re single, you can buy a 2-seater as well without any worries.

Other than this, keep the family members in mind. If you have elderly in the family, you must get a car that is comfortable for them. It may be a good idea to ask for their opinion as well when making this decision.

  1. Picking Form And Not Function

Do not go for the looks. You need to buy a car that packs in quite a punch in term functionality and not just look.

It is normal for one to get attracted to a convertible or any other attractive looking car, but such cars are not always a good idea. Make sure to make this decision from the mind and not the heart.

Look for features. First of all, check the kind of mileage it provides. Some cars can be very expensive to maintain and run even if they are not expensive to buy. What is the point of buying a car if you cannot afford to take it out? Other than this, look for safety features.

While most cars today come with enhances safety features, you should still look for airbags, ABS, seatbelts and other such features.

Moreover, check for cameras as well. They can really enhance the driving experience. No a lot of cars come with camera though, but the good thing is that you can buy cameras from sellers like and enjoy the experience.

  1. Buying in a Hurry

Do not be in a hurry or buy under pressure as most people tend to make mistakes when they take a decision in a hurry.

You do not have to purchase a car in your first trip to the showroom. It is perfectly okay to shop around. A good option is to check the internet as it can provide you tonnes of information.

Check reviews, compare different vehicles and take your time. It may also be a good idea to speak to family members and friends and ask for their opinion, especially if they are into cars and have knowledge on the subject.

You must be careful even if you are buying a new car. The need to inspect increases even more if it is an old car.

Other than this, try to negotiate the prices. Also remember that prices are not always fixed and some dealers may be offering the same product at a lower rate, so make it a point to shop around.

  1. Not Considering Hidden Costs

There may be hidden costs involved when buying a car including paper costs, insurance costs and some dealer costs as well. You need to be aware of all these costs when finalizing a deal so that you are not surprised when you get the final invoice.

  1. Not Being Aware of Your Rights

The dealers may appear to be friendly people, but all they want to do is make a sale and earn profit.

They may not always provide you with all the details and it is your own duty to ask questions and be aware of your rights. Consumer rights are there to safeguard you so make sure to make good use of them.

Just remember these tips when buying a car so that you can get a good deal. Also, there is no need to buy a new car as some used cars can be quite amazing as well.

Will Hopstetter
Will is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United Kingdom. He holds a diverse background in automotive and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.