Aaron Answers: What is your favorite luxury car?

I answer a lot of questions on Quora. Many of those questions are about automotive things that may be of interest to CarNewsCafe readers. Like this one.

What is your favorite luxury car?

This question is very subjective and difficult. I’m an unabashed car guy and am blessed in that my work involves driving every vehicle I can get my hands on. Often they are given to me for a few days to drive, other times they’re loaned to me for an hour or so. Sometimes it’s just a few minutes, other times it’s on a race track, an off-road course, etc. Other times it’s for a family road trip. All of the time I greatly enjoy just about every vehicle I get to operate.

Luxury cars are a broad category of several segments of upscale options. I tend to prefer luxury sedans over most other body types, though if someone were to make a really well-done luxury station wagon I’d probably just assume I’m about to be handed a harp and set of wings to go with it.

My favorite luxury car that I’ve ever had the chance to drive was a 1959 Cadillac Deville with huge fins, a floaty ride, and a marvelous amount of American opulence. Everything about the car seemed designed to hurt eyeballs and elicit bra throwing from onlookers. Like Brylcreem-enabled duck feathers and Elvis’ fake tan.

In more modern cars, my favorite luxury rides usually have the name “Jaguar” on them. I’m a great fan of the mixture of Old World appeal and new-era modernity found in a big Jaguar sedan like the XJ. The combination of long-hooded apathy to the roadway and to-the-pavement supercharging in the engine is a wondrous juxtaposition that only the British can pull off. Add in the yacht-inspired interior design and the “Good day, Mr. Bond” elements Jag is known for and you have just the right amount of quirk to round out the svelte.

Aaron Turpen
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