5 Perplexing Problems in Car Servicing Perth Drivers Face 

Some car problems can be pretty obvious. Others? Not so much. If you run into any of these hard-to-diagnose issues below and can’t quite figure out what’s going on, we recommend that you try the kind of top-notch car servicing Perth drivers trust. 

1.) Dead or slow starting

Before anything else – check your fuel tank. You definitely aren’t going anywhere without petrol. Ruling that out, if the battery is old, it might be due for a checkup or replacement. Other possible causes can include problems in your electrical systems, ignition, or fuel line.

If none of these issues are immediately obvious, call out for roadside assistance or have your car towed to a qualified mechanic or service centre.

2.) Slow acceleration

If your car seems a bit slower to hit its normal speed, there can be a lot of possible reasons. One possible cause is dirty or clogged air filters. These can prevent your engines from receiving the optimal amount of oxygen needed for clean combustion, reducing the power available to the engine. The type of fuel you use also matters in some (but not all) vehicles.

If the problem persists after you’ve cleaned out your air filters and refilled with your car manufacturer’s recommended type of fuel, take your car to a service centre for diagnostics and repair.

3.) Strange noises

There can be any number of causes for strange noises in your car. Extremely loud sounds from the back can indicate damage to the muffler. A low, deep hum can mean an issue with the wheel bearings. Droning, buzzing noises can indicate old tyres. Constant squeaky noises may have something to do with a fan belt. Clicking noises can mean any of a wide range of things from a damaged air conditioner to a damaged axle.

You can try to isolate these issues as much as possible. However, in many cases, you may have to just bite the bullet and take a trip to the mechanic to find out what the issue is.

4.) Chemical smells or fuel fumes in the cabin.

If you don’t see any other possible source of the fumes, such as another car or a nearby industrial site, you should stop immediately, and seek assistance. Resist the urge to just drive to the service centre with the windows down. Be sure to have it towed, instead.  

These types of fumes can be potentially lethal, and you want to minimize any unnecessary time inside your car. There may also be a leak in your fuel system, which can be a potential fire hazard.

5.) Unusual vibrations

If the vibrations are constant, first check your tyres. Tyre rims that are damaged or improperly secured are a common cause for excessive vehicle vibrations, as is caked-on mud on the wheels. A tyre puncture, uneven pressure, or worn-out treads can also be the cause.

Intermittent vibrations, on the other hand, could be a worn out compressor, damaged brake rotors, or damaged driveshafts and axles.

As with unusual noises in your car, this can be a very difficult problem to pin down, and in many cases, you will want to just bring your car to a qualified service centre for diagnostics and repair.

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Emily Muelford
Emily is a British writer whose love of car culture is augmented by a fascination with both the European and American automotive markets. Her perspective is uniquely fish and chips.